As technology advances, there are also many improvements in welding helmets. Manufacturers are trying their best to compete with others in the advancement of the welding helmet. Here is a great example, Bluetooth welding helmet. It communicates with a power source of welding helmets via Bluetooth. That is an excellent feature of a welding helmet.

Because of the Bluetooth feature in the welding helmet, it darkens before ignition, so don’t wait for the arc flashlight. Another great benefit of this Bluetooth welding helmet is that there is no issue with external light. It darkens according to the welding situations to ensure the safety and comfort of the welder. Because of these excellent features, this is one of the best welding helmets for beginners. Here we discuss its features and working.

How Bluetooth Welding Helmet Works

Before using a Bluetooth welding helmet, it’s imperative to know the working mechanism of auto darkening welding helmet. It will help you to understand the functionality of advance technology Bluetooth welding hood. In the method Vizor is connected to the power source with the help of Bluetooth. As the user presses the On-button on the welding torch, the power source sends a signal to the welding helmet so the welding helmet darkens before the arc ignition. So, it protects the welder from rapid flashlight from the arc.

On the other hand, most welding helmets darken when there comes an arc flash. But in this new technology Bluetooth welding helmet, users don’t need to worry about flashlights. So, this advanced welding helmet with Bluetooth boots the user efficiency. Another benefit of this Bluetooth welding hood is that the auto-darkening filter save user from arc flashing. The reason behind it that this helmet responds to the signals send by the power source. Therefore, it is an excellent product for welders.

The best thing about this Bluetooth welding helmet is the level of protection that is automatically adjusted between DIN5 and DIN12 concerning the welding process. Therefore, no need to worry because the darkness level is perfectly adapted. Welding helmets with Bluetooth also have the option of manual mode and adjusting darkness.

Fronius Bluetooth Welding Helmet

This advanced Bluetooth technology is not common, but the Fronius Bluetooth welding helmet is an excellent choice for many welders. It has incredible features with excellent quality material. Vizor connect in Fronius welding helmet eliminates the external light interference and provides perfect working conditions to the welder.

Clear View of Fronius Bluetooth Welding Helmet

This welding helmet with Bluetooth is an excellent choice for different kinds of welding operations. Users also can use it as a conventional welding helmet by turning off its Bluetooth feature. In the case of a conventional setting, it darkens in the presence of certain light intensities.

However, when the welding helmet is not darkened, a user can get a clear view with real color perception and a 2.5 brightness level. It also has specially made UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) filters. The unique shape of this Bluetooth welding helmet gives an unobstructed line of sight and provides great comfort. This distinct shape increases the view area and decreases the weight of this welding helmet.

Features of Fronius Welding Helmet

  • This welding helmet offers complete protection against arc because of advanced Bluetooth low-energy technology.
  • The auto-darkening filter cartridge in the Fronius welding helmet darkens automatically and protects arc intensity.
  • It is supported by solar cells and you can charge the lithium polymer battery in it.
  • The special nose-cut shape of this Bluetooth welding helmet provides six times more vision area than conventional welding helmets.
  • This welding hood has a 2.5 shade level brightness that is excellent for pre-fabrication works, so no need to remove and put back the helmet again and again.
  • Special UV and IR filters have been used to provide the true color view.
  • The optical lens of the Fronius welding helmet is 1/1/1/2.


After reading the complete article, you very well know about the working, advantages and features of the Vizor Connect Bluetooth welding helmet. It is the only welding helmet in its class. You don’t need to worry about choosing this welding helmet. It is compatible with Fronius MagicWave 230i, TransTig 230i and TPS/i. The autopilot in this Bluetooth welding helmet adjusts the level of protection according to arc intensity. So, Choose this excellent welding helmet for comfort and safety.

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