Primeweld TIG225X Review | Expert Opinion

Primeweld TIG225X Review | Expert Opinion

Here we will discuss the features of the Primeweld TIG225X welder. What are its benefits and why you should buy this welding machine? There are a lot of features of prime weld TIG22X, that make it a better choice for welders.

If you are looking for a new machine, then the Primeweld TIG225x is the best choice for your welding needs. This machine is multifunctional and dual-voltage. AC and DC systems are both supported by this machine. In addition to the pulse CK17 flex torch, it is supplied with a cable.

Primeweld TIG225X features a USA-made CK DINSE connector for superior conductivity. This means that your welds will be more precise and have less resistance, making for a stronger overall bond.

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Why You Should Buy The Primeweld TIG225X Welder

When it comes to buying a TIG welder, it’s important to choose one that is capable of the work you need to do. The Primeweld TIG225X is an excellent choice. This welder is ideal for welding mild steel. It features TIG welding and MMA welding. This model also has an amperage screen that helps you adjust the amount of current you need for your work. You can also read this guide to choose a welding helmet.

This model is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport. It is also available at a low price. It offers a three-year warranty. This is one of the most affordable and impressive stick welders on the market. It can weld up to 1/2 inch of metal and is extremely powerful. Another feature that sets the PrimeWeld TIG225X welder apart is its ability to weld various metals. It can handle 3/8″ mild steel and 1/4″ aluminium.

TIG/STICK Welder with Pulse Function

It also comes with advanced inverter technology, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology, and a high-frequency torch. It is black in color and is powered by an AC/DC Pulse power source. The TIG/STICK Welder with Pulse Function from Primeweld is a great little welder for those who need to do some light welding. It’s easy to set up and use, and the pulse function ensures that your welds are nice and strong. Also, read this guide on how to weld cast iron.

Control System

It has a distinct control panel and knobs to adjust voltage and current. The LCD digital display is clear and easy to read. The full-digital control system allows for precise arc length and stability throughout the welding process. There are also two and four-speed trigger controls. The latter can be extremely helpful when welding out-of-position long welds.

Portability of Primeweld TIG225X Welder

The weight of this Primeweld TIG225X welder is about 90 pounds, which is slightly heavier than its smallest counterpart. Although not the lightest welder, it’s still a reasonable size and easy to move around. It is also capable of using both 120V and 240V outlets and comes with an adapter for both.

A dual voltage welder is especially useful for portability and for situations where electrical outlets aren’t available. A dual voltage welder also offers the advantage of saving time and energy. Primeweld TIG225X welders come with a three-year warranty.

CK Worldwide 17 Series Superflex TIG Torch

The CK Worldwide 17 Series SuperFlex TIG Torch is a top-of-the-line torch that provides the user with maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability. The torch features a pivoting head that makes it easy to get into tight spaces, and the unique design of the handle ensures that you always have a comfortable grip. The torch also comes with a built-in gas valve for easy control of the welding process.

This portable TIG welder also comes with a heavy-duty case and plenty of tungsten collets and cups for diverse metal types. It also supports TIG welding and has a built-in TIG torch. Whether you’re working on a small job or an industrial complex, this welder can be easily transported and is ideal for any type of welding.

A portable TIG welder is ideal for small projects. Its compact size and weight make it convenient for travel and DIY use. The recommended accessories include a welding nozzle, flux core MIG wire, anti-spatter spray, and nozzle gel. It’s also possible to purchase additional accessories for this TIG225X welder.

Precise Foot Pedal Welding Heat Control

With this AC/DC welder, you’ll have precise control over the heat of your welds. This is important because it means you can avoid making mistakes that could ruin your work. And if you’re working with particularly delicate materials, this level of control will be essential in ensuring a perfect weld every time.

The PrimeWeld TIG225X AC/DC TIG Welder features high-frequency torch control and precision foot pedal welding heat control. It comes with a gas regulator and pedal, which give you more control than a cheaper, manual welder. It is sturdy, portable, and comes with an AC/DC pulse power source.


The PrimeWeld TIG225X is an affordable, yet powerful stick welder. This model comes with a CK17 torch, which is known for producing top-quality torches. A hose made of Superflex is included to make the job easier. This machine also offers more flexibility to its user.

This TIG225X has a full set of adjustable parameters, which enable the user to adjust every aspect of the arc. The Pulse Width Modulation feature allows the user to control both the width and depth of the weld. This feature is especially useful for beginners.

It is a great mid-range TIG welder, with good weld quality, a stylish design, and good durability. It also runs on either 120 or 240V, which makes it very versatile. Its other features include a connector and a genuine CK17 TIG torch made in the USA. It also includes a full set of quality accessories.

The Primeweld TIG225X is a 225A TIG welder that supports both AC and DC power. It can weld mild steel and aluminium and comes with a three-year warranty. However, this welder has been criticized for its lack of accuracy and responsiveness.

I love the fact that it has an IGBT AC/DC power supply which makes it very versatile and able to weld various materials. The pulse function is also fantastic, making it easy to get a precise weld every time. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey compared to other machines on the market but, in my opinion, it is definitely worth the investment.

7 Best Sugar Scoop Welding Hoods 2022

7 Best Sugar Scoop Welding Hoods 2022

Choosing a quality, productive and durable welding helmet is not an easy task. Thousands of options are available in the industry with different specifications that make it difficult to find the best fit. Multiple options along with different specifications make it difficult to choose the best sugar scoop welding hood but I assure you that after reading this article, you’ll surely get a suitable one for yourself.

After proper research and according to my experience, here are the 7 best sugar scoop welding helmets. They protect the welder’s eye, skin and body from heat, burn and UV radiation. These fibre-metal welding hoods are designed to increase your welding ability and are available in multiple designs and shades. The best feature about these fibre-metal sugar scoop hoods is their lightweight material.

Here are the top quality and best sugar scoop welding hoods that you can pick according to your budget and make your welding easier. You can also check the best auto-darkening welding helmets. Let’s get started with the top sugar scoop welding hoods 2022.

Fibre-Metal by Honeywell Tigerhood Classic Thermoplastic Welding Helmet 

The tigerhood welding helmet increases productivity and is designed with thermoplastic and comes along a fixed lens shade 10, providing a clear and radiation-free viewing area. It provides good air circulation. Its roomy interior area is airy with free-floating arms features for balance. The headgear of this sugar scoop welding helmet is comfortable and fit to wear. 

This custom sugar welding helmet is designed so that it doesn’t allow fumes and smoke to enter. Its telescoping lid flips easily to check the welding and reposition the material.  Also protects against heat, sparks and splatters and a sealed lid protects from brightening light and provides more security. 

This classic thermoplastic sugar scoop welding helmet has a 5000 speedy loop mounting system that allows welder workers to fit any hard hat without modification. Also, you can easily pull it off without pulling the hat off. Not only for hot welding, but the headgear of this 3-C tigerhood best sugar scoop welding hood is also good and reliable to use in cold welding.

Pros & Cons

  • Free to adjust any hard hat.
  • It provides a comfy and reliable fit.
  • Light in weight with a good shield.
  • Comes at affordable prices.
  • Need to fix a separate hard helmet.

Pipeliner Fiberglass Sugar Scoop Welding Hood

This fiber-metal by Honeywell welding helmet is designed with quite stern material but lightweight and impact-resistant qualities that protect from cracks. Moreover, the smooth surface also helps to reflect sparks. The appearance of this helmet hood is the same as a pipeline helmet that helps you to get into work in tight and thin areas where no standard helmets can go. Leather welding hoods are also a good choice for tight working spaces.

The pipeliner sugar scoop welding helmet provides a clear viewing area with shade 10 that increases your working capacity and protects you from IR and UV radiations. The headgear is easy to set and allows you to make frequent adjustments to work throughout the day. Pipeliner carbon fiber sugar scoop welding hood also has an overhead band to contour the head.

It is designed to position the glass holder for an optimal view to hold a perfect fit for welding. It provides a free-floating arms balance to reduce the pressure and stabilize it. This welding helmet keeps everything safe and protective, even under harsh or hard welding conditions and consider one of the best welding helmets to use.

Pros & Cons

  • Atmosphere friendly.
  • Super friendly headgear.
  • Lightweight for heavy-duty welders.
  • The colour was not enough good.

Fibre-Metal by Honeywell 906BK 10 Piece Lift Front Welding Helmet

This Honeywell 906BK fibre metal welding helmet comes with a thermoplastic shell material. Its lift front feature enhances its demand as the welder can easily take it off by swiping up on the break. Also, this custom sugar scoop welding helmet has a mounting cap and comes in black color.  Its thermoplastic layer protects and fights against scratches and fire sparks. This lift font classic sugar-free welding helmet comes with head protection along 11 inches thickness. There is also a balanced strap mount that helps to make a proper balance while working. 

Moreover, the viewing area of this Honeywell 906BK welding hood is 4.25 inches in width and 2 inches in height. It also has a long clear focus with an orange-shaded screen. This product is best for those who want or need to remove their sugar scoop welding hoods again and again while working. It has an assembled headgear with a variable shade 10 that is easy to switch according to requirements.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to take it off.
  • Cheaper in price.
  • A comfortable helmet to wear.
  • Durable and assembled headgear system.
  • Bit heavy and bulky.

Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet

This Neiko 53847A welding helmet is designed to provide maximum safety from ultraviolet and IR radiations. It comes with impact resistance polypropylene along a flip lens. The large flip viewing area 2 and 4.25 inches has a shade of 11 that provides high safety, clarity and focus to the welding area. 

Its dual adjustment headband provides a great fit and a comfortable and well-balanced working area. Neiko is a full face shield protector, and you’ll not get any neck or back pain with this sugar scoop welding hood. With this best sugar scoop welding helmet, you can work in the long-term and tiny places. It is a great option for newbies to use this product to increase their work quality.

It also has adjustable straps along a little foam strip. The top of the headgear is adjustable, and this Neiko 538475 sugar scoop welding hood is the most inexpensive helmet that is a good choice for beginners.

Pros & Cons

  • Both sides and comfy headgear.
  • Durable and good for job holders.
  • Great eye and skin protector.
  • Cheapest and most inexpensive type.
  • Auto-darkening is not too good.
  • Not good for top-rated professionals.

Sellstrom Lightweight Bucket Style Design Pipeliner Welding Hood

Sellstrom carbon fibre sugar scoop welding helmet comes with a traditional pipeliner style. It provides complete wrap-around protection, especially to your head and chin, against welding splatter. This sugar scoop welding hood is made of tuff nylon that is too durable and lightweight. 

The weight of this bucket-style Sellstrom sugar scoop welding hood is even lighter than the carbon fibre sugar scoop welding helmet. The ratchet headgear enhances its balance, and the forehead band allows you to adjust a great fit. 

Moreover, the lens fit of this pipeliner welding hood provides a lock feature for safety. The helmet’s lens provides a clear view to detect and focus on the welding area. This welding helmet is available for every kind of welder and considers a great fit for every kind of welding. No matter whether it is professional or beginner. Another benefit to choosing this custom sugar scoop welding helmet is that it meets ANSI standards. 

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a hard hat.
  • Great flip front but secure viewing area.
  • Comfortable to work, not roomy area.
  • Not able to add auto darkening lens.

Bruder 216041 Welding Helmet with Flip-up Movable Lens

This buffer 216041 classic welding helmet is designed by combining all the modern demanding features. It is made of durable, high-impact plastic material and purely works as a heating resistor. The seamless smooth shell protects from heat burn and deflects fire sparks. This sugar scoop welding hood has an adjustable headband that provides flexibility to adjust according to the welder’s head size. It provides a standard size viewing area of 4.5 and 2 inches with a flip-able lens. 

The moveable lens allows you to flip up or down as required in no time. This sugar scoop welding helmet comes with a shade 10 and provides a clear viewpoint and focus. It is lightweight, so you can easily wear it for the long term without worrying about stretches or back pain. Furthermore, the glass of the welding hood is heavy and well made.

It provides fits great and provides a great balance. This custom sugar scoop welding helmet is good for home welders or those who don’t have to deal with regular heavy-duty tasks. Once you set the adjustments according to your need, it’ll be easier for you to use later.

Pros & Cons

  • Good for housework welders.
  • Lightweight and durable for small tasks.
  • Cheap manufacturing.
  • Chances to burn plastic.
  • Not good to work with high heat.

Hobart 770286 Flip Front Welding Helmet

Hobart 770286 welding helmet is designed to make welding easier. Some welders wanted to remove their helmets, again and again, to check their work. In this regard, Hobart 770286 introduced a flip front sugar scoop welding hood in the welding industry. 

The handy flip front makes it easier for a welder to remove. A single swap can do all the work. This sugar scoop welding hood is conveniently adjustable to set according to your head size. Moreover, the 10-number shade lens with a standard viewing area enhances its working ability. This versatile helmet hood secures your performance with sensitive control without any batteries. This sugar scoop welding helmet secures your eyes and improves your focus on the task.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in-budget prices.
  • Lightweight and durable to use.
  • Simple design for adult welders.
  • A flippable hood makes welding easier.
  • Headbands get loose easily.
  • No auto darkening feature.


I hope you like this article and it would prove helpful for you to choose the best sugar scoop welding hood. All fibre-metal welding hoods mentioned above are of good quality. So, you can choose one that best meets your requirements. If you know all the specifications and features of sugar scoop welding helmets, you’ll surely find one that enhances your work quality.

All these helmets are heat resistant, durable and well-made, providing a comfortable work environment. These helmets with fibre-metal material are comfortable. Also, provide safety to welder face, skin and eyes from heat and spark. Most professional welders also wear these sugar scoop welding hoods as they are durable and cheap in price.

Furthermore, part-time and household welders can also use these simple fibre-metal welding helmets. It is because of the cheap price, lightweight and good quality. So, what are you waiting for? Choose that best meet your needs and makes welding easy for you.

Top 3 Tekware Welding Helmet Review in Detail

Top 3 Tekware Welding Helmet Review in Detail

A welder must deal with heat, UV rays, and sparks and work with various kinds of material simultaneously. These things may damage the Welder’s skin and affect the eyes badly. That’s why it is recommended to use welding helmets while doing any welding. It’ll cover your face and eyes without disturbing your focus. Make sure that the welding helmet has a compact design and a satisfactory lens along with some cool features. So, here are the 3 best tekware welding helmet reviews for beginners and professional welders.

Tekware is a multi-national firm that provides the best welding helmet all across the world. If you are the one who wants to purchase an excellent welding helmet but doesn’t know which brand and helmet is best for you. Here are the best tekware welding helmets reviews. So, this article will surely help you to find out the best one of the three. We have also covered the best Lincoln electric welding helmets. Now let’s get started with tekware welding helmet.

Tekware True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This tekware welding helmet has a large viewing area with a comfortable head hoop. It has a four-side adjustment function that gives you a proper adjustment according to your head. Its lens provides you an accurate color ability, optical clarity, and a firm grip on your matter target. Tekware ultra-large viewing screen welding helmet has a balanced headgear. It has a dual-mode powered supply system. You can have a lithium supply and a natural solar source for charging.

The tekware ultra-large viewing screen welding helmet has a lot of extraordinary features that are suitable for all types of welding. It also has four sensors that work for cutting, grinding and welding like things just by one push. You can easily adjust the shade because of its 1/10000 switching time according to your need in this welding helmet.


Following are some quality features of the tekware ultra-large viewing screen welding helmet. In this tekware welding helmet review, we will discuss all the features in detail that will definitely help you to get a clear idea of this tekware welding helmet.


It is designed in such a way that avoids the fog effects on the mirror or lens. When you work in an area with low temperatures, the mirror gets foggy and irritates your work. This tekware welding helmet doesn’t get foggy enough in low temperatures, and you can breathe normally and efficiently.


This tekware welding helmet comes with an excellent auto-darkening feature that adjusts the brightness in just microseconds. It will also be helpful when you’re working somewhere, and electricity turns out. So, you don’t have to stop your work and don’t get the effect of any IR and UV radiation.

Hemispherical Enclosure 

All the sides’ vision and multiple angles are convenient for welders. It can also protect from damage from all the sides with better clarity, accurate color, and safe welding. That is an outstanding feature of this tekware welding helmet review.

Enough Power Supply

Its solar area supplies enough power to the welding helmet. It emits a signal to darken the lens immediately when there comes welding arc, so good for the safety of the welder. It can also be chargeable by lithium batteries and the sun as a solar source but keep remember that the natural solar source is not suitable for the long term.

Pros & Cons

  • Large viewing area
  • Anti-fogging technology along with four sensors
  • Optical clarity with a variety of shades
  • Sometimes auto-darkening feature not work instantly

Tekware Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This auto-darkening welding helmet comes with excellent optical clarity and a superior comfort level. It has an adjusted fatigue headgear that provides good support while working. The tekware auto-darkening helmet has four arc sensor that protects you while working. This tekware welding helmet also has an external adjustment button, four premium sensors, and a double crystal panel. It also provides accurate color with 9 to 13 variable shade functionality for different types of welding.

The tekware auto-darkening welding helmet has an auto-switching function with 1/10000 sec with the dual power source. It can be chargeable with both solar and battery and provide skin and eyes IR and UV protection. The shade can easily change just by clicking without removing it from the head.


In this tekware welding helmet review, we will discuss some excellent features of this tekware auto-darkening welding helmet.

Premium Outlook

This tekware welding helmet has the most incredible and shining appearance that provides you great confidence to stand in the Welder’s community. It also has a crystal panel and fully designed headgear that can be balanced accordingly.

Multi Usage

It has four premium sensors that are perfect for different types of welding and materials. This tekware welding helmet review tells us about its versatility. It is also applicable for metal production, construction, fabrication, maintenance and repair operations, and automotive and industrial use.

Sensitivity Control

The think lens provides an excellent sensitivity control along with its various shades. It also provides delay controls that reduce fatigue. With these sensitivity controls, you don’t have to worry about eye damage.

Dual Charge

It can be chargeable with both battery and a natural source. You can use solar power or any replaceable battery like lithium to charge your tekware welding helmet.

External Control Board

Its auto-darkening shifts in just a few microseconds which is a good point for welders. Also, it has an external adjusted control board that provides a good adjustment style without getting it off.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable headgear.
  • Multi-occasion usage availability.
  • 4C lens technology along with four sensors.
  • Suitable for professionals and investors.
  • It is only suitable for TIG, MIG, and flux wire welding.
  • Work best until the headgear is stripped out.

Tekware Large View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This tekware welding helmet introduces to the industry with its shining material and diamond-cut style layout and a large viewing area. Its stylish appearances attract customers’ attention. It also has an external adjustment board that allows you to maintain all the features anytime without removing them.

This tekware welding helmet review tells us about its long lifetime. Yeah! The battery is powered by a natural solar source and provides a longer lifetime compared to the other tekware welding helmets. Moreover, this is equipped with a double liquid crystal layer that is super prior while working on such high heat. It also has four sensors like most tekware products and provides excellent welding and grinding for almost every matter.


In this tekware welding helmet review, we will discuss some features of tekware large view solar-powered auto-darkening welding helmet.

Fully Protection

It provides a complete head-to-neck protection with its cut diamond layout. This way, you can work freely without getting burned or hurt. Its high-quality magnifying lens protects your eyes while working as well as provides you with a significant focus at the same time.

Wide Shade Range

It offers you a long shade range like no helmet else does. The variable shade range provides by this tekware welding helmet is 4 to 13. This one is good for those who have to work on multiple matters and don’t know which matter they have to deal with next.


It has multi modes options, including weld, grind, and cut. You have to adjust it from the setting switch or adjustment portion. The cut mode has a shade of 5 to 9, while the weld mode needs a shade of 9 to 13. Otherwise, you can use the grind mode as needed.  It also has an auto-darkening feature that transforms from brightening to darkening in just a few microseconds. This welding is suitable for professionals who have to work around 8 hours a day.

Pros & Cons

  • Double LCD screen.
  • Cut stylish diamond layout.
  • It increased battery life.
  • Actual color with a wide range of variable shades.
  • It is heavier than others.
  • Shield quality is not up to the mark.

 Final Words About Tekware Welding Helmet Review

Purchasing a welding helmet might be difficult for newbies. If you are thinking of purchasing one quality welding helmet, I will recommend you to buy one of the tekware welding helmets. Tekware is one of the best firms for welding helmets. Their helmets have multiple welding tools at affordable prices and cool features. This will surely make your welding easier. Moreover, if you do not have enough time to review tekware welding helmet or don’t get understand which product or welding helmet is best for you then all your problems are sorted.

In this article, you have checked the three best teaware welding helmet reviews with their features, qualities, and cons. We have also discussed all the working recommendations and terms on which the welding helmet fits. You can choose any of them according to your need, as all are of good quality. But I personally like tekware auto-darkening welding helmet that is 2nd on this list.

Always choose a welding helmet with excellent features along with a warranty and long-term useability. It depends on your choice which one you select but these three tekware welding helmets are excellent for different welding operations. I hope now you are confident that which one is good for your working type. So, for what you are waiting for. Purchase a one for yourself or your dear once and make your welding simpler, more accessible, and smooth.



5 Best Leather Welding Hoods | Leather Welding Helmets

5 Best Leather Welding Hoods | Leather Welding Helmets

Leather welding covers are the first line safety device for every welding professional. This is because the skin’s heat-insulating properties make it ideal, which means that the heat produced in casting could shield our bodies from scorching temperatures. But let’s only talk about custom leather welding hoods that can shield our heads from flames and sparks. The hood made of leather does more than secure our skull and is durable.

But, it’s difficult to determine precisely when the usage of this skin began. It’s great that the demand for the best leather welding helmets grows day by day. We have put together customized welding hoods of leather available on the market.

Follow us on our blog and pick the most dependable armor you can find. There are many active welding helmets are made from leather with many other options and buying guides. These welding helmets are best to use in tight places. We have also listed some quality tight space welding hoods. You can also check those if you don’t like leather welding helmets.

Kunhewuhua Leather Welding Helmet Mask


  • Flip solar dimming welding cap
  • This outer coating is composed of cowhide with a flexible structure
  • The clamshell design efficiently shields the lens from damage and offers double protection

If you’re planning to weld, you’ll need the best leather welding hood to do the job safely and efficiently. The welding helmet is made of split leather made of cowhide with a large view area and provides an excellent level of protection for welders. Additionally, this lightweight welding helmet has a variety of uses suitable for cutting, grinding, and welding tasks. It’s the perfect replacement for goggles or fixed-shade glass helmets for a fraction of the cost.

It is safe to avoid burns from hot metal and fly slag or scale. If you work in a cramped area, it will protect your body and face. It’s portable, easy to adjust, and will save space. It comes with an ergonomic design for the hood that is specifically designed to protect overheads. The hood is easy to access in the welding area and provides more comfort when welding close to or tight.

Kunhewhhua leather helmet for welding is a soft and foldable leather mask with an elastic buckle in the back to ensure speed and size adjustments. Additionally, the best leather welding hood will keep away dust, welding slag, and other particles from burning the face and neck. The auto-darkening filter in this Kunhewhhua welding helmet made of leather allows welders to adjust to different working environments by adjusting the shade of the lens. It also has adjustments to the sensitivity of sources of light.

Pros & Cons

  • • Premium cowhide material
  • • Defending the lens with clamshells.
  • • Velcro is attached behind the mask.
  • • Hoods that are not properly protected.

Badass Sharks Leather Welder Mask


  • Made from genuine leather material
  • Protects eyes
  • Includes an exclusive Velcro

The badass shark leather welding mask is constructed from genuine leather. It has a special velcro to the side of the head that allows you to alter the head’s perimeter. It is also a convenient way to connect the mask of the welder. The hood is of ergonomic style to provide overhead protection during welding. This is the main reason for the ergonomic hood design of this leather welding hood.

It is unnecessary to worry about your neck or face being injured by welding spatter when you wear one of the best leather welding hood masks. The mask can follow the head’s contours and offer face protection in tight areas. It is easy to do welding in a small space with such kind of mask.

Badass sharks mask offers complete protection for welding employees and allows welding close to each other. The welding hood can keep away the petard, dust, welding slag, and the like from burning the face and neck. It allows for easier access and can be more comfortable to use when welding in close quarters or tight areas. It’s convenient to use this type of model in difficult-to-access locations.

Pros & Cons

  • You can use it to weld in hard-to-reach places
  • Provides eye protection from light arc exposure
  • Leather is the main manufacturing material
  • If you spend a lot of time in it, it can be uncomfortable.

Tillman 5500 Side Part Cowhide Leather Welding Helmet


  • Tillman Manufacturered
  • Cowhide Leather Material
  • For tight spaces
  • Adjustable Headgear

Tillman 5000 Leather Welding Hood is specially designed for small spaces where space may not permit a traditional welding helmet. The design is stunning from the neck to the head. These custom leather welding helmets made of leather are suitable to fit into those areas that are tight, and it’s not possible to put on the formal welding helmet. This brown-colored skin mask comes with complete screen vents inside the cap. But it’s not the only thing, and it features a movable headgear.

This best leather welding hood comes with a lift-in front assembly but doesn’t include any lens. The design of the mask is comfortable and precise. The mask doesn’t press anyplace. Professional welders can use the mask. With it, they can effortlessly accomplish the shift without having to be able to feel pain or discomfort in the temporal or frontal areas of the head.

A standard shield isn’t always practical when working under your vehicle’s hood or cooking the car’s bottom. This company’s mask made of leather is designed specifically for this kind of work. It is shaped to fit the shape of your face and wards off splashes from the metal that has been fused. This mask is safe for your neck and face and is ideal for working in wells, tanks, and small areas.

Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for confined spaces.
  • Compact when folded.
  • Leather mask with a soft texture.
  • Lenses don’t work well together.

Yeswelder True Color Automatic Darkening Welding Hood


  • This leather hood welding made of cowhide will protect your shoulder and neck.
  • The welding helmet is able to safeguard your entire head.
  • It is suitable for long-term use.

The best leather welding hood included in your tool kit can make life easier in all of your tasks; however, it’s unnecessary to sacrifice this kind of tool if you’re on a tight budget. We’re sure that the Yeswelder’s Truly Color Auto Darkening leather welding hood will impress you.

It can shade itself automatically during welding states and remove harmful light. It can also be used as a normal welding helmet or earmuff, and many more. It’s a solar-powered auto-darkening welding mask with lithium batteries that make it simple to use. If the light coming from the welding device is seen, the auto-darkening lens will dim to its chosen shadow number. The welding light is pleasant and soft.

The Yeswelder Hood has enough space for masks and is a very secure design. When the solar panel gets sufficient sunlight, the welding speed is affected by the angle of the light source from which to produce electricity. The welding helmet is automatically blackened under normal conditions of welding. The helmet shields the face and eyes from splashes, sparks, and harmful radiation. When the light in the surrounding becomes dark, the helmet will automatically dim to ensure welding performance, and the focus will be bright.

The helmet’s liner is made from premium polycarbonate that is flame-resistant, impact-resistant, and comfortable making it the best leather welding hood. Ideal for higher welding operation temperatures. The auto-darkening lens automatically darkens to shield the eyes. The hood has a multi-stage display window that can be used as two screens. It can also be used as welding helmets that cut off the strength of welding masks in various places and are ideal for the larger solar field or helmet.

Pros & Cons

  • Has durable quality
  • Very comfortable and well-fitting.
  • Excellent protection from splashes
  • Restricts neck movement.

The Jackson Safety 860P leather Welding Helmet


  • Made by Jackson Safety
  • Pure leather material
  • Safety plate 2 2.25 Inch x 4.25 Inch
  • Color Reddish-Brown Leather

Jackson Safety is a well-known company in the welding industry, although it is 4th on our list. The Jackson Safety Leather Welding Helmet has become highly popular with all welders these days. Now let’s look at what the helmet is made of. Naturally, it is the creator who can create this hood case made of skin that is infused with brown and reddish dye.

If you want to perform welding in tight spaces, the best solution to consider is the Flexible Welding Helmet made of leather. Its lift font panel can be adjusted to 4.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches wide. Jackson Safety has established an undisputed reputation over the last century for providing the most cutting-edge security solutions for weld and personal safety equipment sectors. When it comes down to offering security solutions that last for a long time and durability and comfort, Jackson Safety has set the bar for itself.

The reason that anyone favors this best leather welding hood is that it has proven to meet the most stringent quality. Suppose you’re looking for welding protection in a steel fabrication setting, head protection on construction sites, or hearing protection in an air terminal. In that case, Jackson Safety provides the most extensive selection of safety options to satisfy the requirements of each job and worker.

Pros & Cons

  • Ratchet headgear
  • Great for structural welding
  • The heat resistance is enhanced by a flexible leather design
  • • Flap block the view

Buyer’s Guide

When selecting the best leather welding hood, you must decide on the reason for purchasing. Also, think about the type of work you’ll do with a protective mask and the length of time you’ll put it on. The masks we have listed in our guide are ideal for working in tight places where the welder cannot use an iron shield. The masks are nearly identical. However, they differ in their design, presence of a filter for light and price.

When you are choosing a helmet for welding, be aware of the following points:


Protection of your eyes, face, and neck must always be the top priority. Before purchasing welding helmets, you should do a market feasibility analysis to ensure that you get the most value. Shopping online and at local hardware stores are excellent places to begin.

Auto-darkening hoods have great features than passive welding helmets. The price difference is due to the distinct attributes, including convenience. A budget-friendly option doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Although the auto-darkening helmets are more expensive, they are available at various prices based on their features. We have also listed some best auto-darkening welding helmets at a feasible price, you must check them.


The materials used to make the best leather welding hoods are mainly leather including cardboard to plastic alloys such as polycarbonates. We would not recommend simple and cheap cardboard face shields, we would not recommend as today, it is possible to find inexpensive face shields in any case. Leather-based hoods are intended for specific purposes and are difficult to reach in tiny locations.

They don’t provide the greatest protection. What you require is a face shield made from nylon or polycarbonate. This is a superior material because it is lighter, has great shock absorption, and is resistant to heat.


Reliability is among the most crucial factors when choosing the best leather welding hood. No matter how comfy the helmet is or the number of nifty gadgets, it comes with. If the helmet you’re wearing can’t be trusted to protect your eyes and secure, it’s not fulfilling its purpose. The worst thing is that it’s an ailment in your health. This is why you should pick the best auto-darkening welding helmet that you can get your hands on.

Beyond the potential risk, your eyes might be at risk from exposure to welding flashes due to the lens of a defective mask. A lens that is not reliable could cause problems in observing your work. The flashing of different colors and the changing shades can be more than distracting. If you’re not able to perceive the welding process, it can be dangerous for your fingers and hands.


The leather welding hood you choose to use will be an investment. It’s a tool you’d like to use for numerous projects without issues or needing to replace it anytime within the next few years. Nothing is more frustrating than losing your expensive equipment at a crucial moment.

Power Source

Auto-darkening welding helmets require the use of a solar or battery for proper operation. Think about where you’ll obtain the power, i.e., where you’ll buy the batteries and what they cost or where you’ll recharge your solar-powered helmet do you have enough sunlight to recharge the battery pack completely? If you have a solar welding helmet, this guide will be very valuable for you to charge a solar welding helmet.

Safety Standards

All welding hoods need to be in compliance with internationally accepted safety standards. The majority of our eyes are protected from the harmful light generated by welding. Both passive and auto-darkening welding helmets are in compliance with the standards.


In recent years, there’s been a significant push in the welding industry to improve the efficiency and comfort of welding technicians while keeping high standards of safety. When you’re a welding worker will typically wear the hood for between five and six hours every day, making that hood’s weight an important aspect to consider.

The lighter welding hood can lessen the strain on your neck and aid in reducing fatigue and improving your comfort while you work. A pound of weight may not seem like a lot to the average person, but you’ll feel the difference in an octopus that weighs just one pound, compared to one that weighs at least two pounds.

Viewing Size

Another important aspect to consider before buying the best leather welding hood is the size of the viewing area. Most viewing sizes are between 6 sq inches in light-duty uses and up to 9 inches in industrial usage. There are two major factors that you must consider in determining the size of your viewing area on the helmet you prefer.

The majority of the costs for any welding hood usually are based on the size of the viewing area. The bigger the area of view is, the more costly the helmet will cost. Ensuring a significant amount of money to purchase a welding helmet with a greater viewing area than is necessary can result in unwise.


Why do welders put on masks?

Short answer: They can see what they’re doing without burning their eyes and losing their vision. The radiation produced by welding can cause numerous health issues, ranging from severe burns to skin cancer, and even permanent damage to the eyes.

How Bad is Welding for Your Eyes?

Welding can be extremely harmful to your eyes if not properly protected or are not protected enough. Risky IF, UV radiation, extreme heat, and UV are all dangerous for humans and can cause serious health issues along with permanent injury.

Do Welders Go Blind Over Time?

A few do. Since they wear low-quality face protection, cheap welding helmets that let UV radiation through the viewports, and due to their long working hours and inadvertent exposure to radiation from arcs.


The quality leather welding helmet can protect your eyes from the harmful glare the welding arc creates, safeguarding your face from the effects of metal residues fused and burns, from dust and smoke. The mask’s body is sturdy, helping safeguard the neck and face from the harmful effects of welding. Our top pick is the badass sharks welding hood because it is the perfect choice when it comes to comfort and quality.

Your safety when welding will be contingent on the mask you choose. The second choice is Kunhewhhua Leather Welding Helmet Mask as it has an auto-darkening filter. Be sure to make your decision with a calm mind. You must take a look at the pros and cons of the best leather welding hood, look at why you’re making a purchase and the location you’ll use the welding mask, and only later purchase the desired model. Don’t rush into a decision. Keep in mind that your health will depend on the performance and quality of the chosen welding shield.

6 Best Lightweight Welding Helmets

6 Best Lightweight Welding Helmets

The life of a welder is not easy. Welders have to spend many hours wearing welding helmets to protect themselves from harmful radiation and heat from the arc. Traditional and commonly found welding helmets are heavier and wearing them for hours may cause neck pain. To sort out this problem, we have come up with best lightweight welding helmets that you can wear for long welding operations.

Lightweight welding hoods provides you great comfort. You can wear such helmets for hours without getting neck pain. Selecting the right welding helmet not only depends on its weight. You must also check other features including lens, eye guard, and safety. You can also check the best welding helmets 2022. But here in this article, we share the list of high quality lightweight welding helmets with you. Let’s get started.

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 100

This 3M speedglas welding helmet 100 is preferable for various types of welding including the MIG, TIG, and arc welding process. It is designed in such a way that it is a great choice for long welding operations. It is very lightweight and provides excellent face and eye protection to welders. It has three sensitivity so welder can set according to his requirements that is very helpful to complete tasks easily.

This lightweight welding hood is best for both indoor and outdoor activities. It has an auto-darkening feature that is vital for welding operations. Because of auto-darkening, it adjust the shade lens with respect to flash light. Here are some primary feature of this lightweight welding helmet.


Auto-darkening Helmet: 3M speedglas welding helmet 100 have 3 shades and can automatically adjust the lens shade as needed. Moreover, it can flip the viewing lid which sometimes distracts you while working.

Multifunction: This lightweight welding helmet allows you to work on metal fabrication, assembly, and repair. It is best for three types of welding because of adjustable shades and amperage.

Safety: This 3M Speedglas welding helmet is excellent in terms of safety. It protects welder eyes and skin from harmful welding rays and sparks.

Weight: It is a lightweight welding hood so you can easily wear this for a long time without getting fatigue. The weight of this welding helmet is around 1 pound.

Pros & Cons

  • Good optical clarity
  • Adjustable shade
  • Lightweight welding helmet
  • Auto-darkening filter
  • Issue with headgear adjustment

Yeswelder Large Viewing Screen Welding Helmet

It is the highest-rated lightweight welding helmet in the welding industry. Yeswelder large viewing screen is also a great option for beginners because of its quality and features. It has a large and wide viewing screen with auto-darkening mode. It is a great choice for all kinds of welding like TIG, MIG and Arc welding. It has upgraded true color technology that improves its visibility.

It is Yeswelder lightest welding helmet in the industry with versatile features. If you minimize its lime green color in the helmet’s view screen, it can reduce eye strain. Moreover, it has a long battery life as compared to others with 4 premium sensors welding helmets. It is an excellent welding helmet that can be used for TIG, MIG, MMA, Plasma applications with grinding features.


Wide Screen: It has a 3.93” * 3.66” large and wide helmet screen that provides you good comfort and full vision to see the welding object clearly.

True Color View: This Yeswelder welding helmet comes with 1/1/1/2 optical clarity that improves visibility by reducing lime green tint.

Design: Yeswelder large view lightweight welding hood has a stylish design. Its headgear with cushions provides adjustability and improved support with better fit and comfort.

Weight: This is a lightweight helmet with 1 lithium ion battery. The weight of this Yeswelder welding helmet is 2.2 pounds with dimensions 12.5 * 7.9 * 9.75 cm.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable headgear
  • Lightweight welding hood
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Battery and solar powered
  • Not for professional and industrial welders

Jackson Safety Welding Helmet HLX100 Shell 

This Jackson Safety welding helmet has been introduced in the market with a cool design and a clear color great feature. It has four main sensors that control and reduce the possibility of blockage while welding. It is light in weight and easy to carry. The shell of this welding helmet is smooth and easy grip of headgear system.

This welding helmet is a great choice for pipe welders for making a straight line and straight edge. It is best for both welding and cutting in professional and economical ways. It has a good viewing area but it is a lightweight welding helmet that provides you with a strong grip to work easily. It allows you to work on different materials by using different shades. It provides welders good safety while different kinds of welding operations.


True color: It is designed on the technique of true color. This gives more clarity and great recognition to weld. It has variable shades from 9 to 13. It also has an auto-darkening feature.

Lightweight: Jackson HLX 100 is a lightweight welding hood because of its smart design. So, you can easily work in a tight space. The weight of this Welding Helmet is only 2 pounds.

Size: The size of this Jackson Safety welding helmet is 8.1 inches that is good for a welder. It can easily cover the head and face of the welder.

Modes: It has both grind and weld modes on its value-centric masks that can be used in a different types of welding.

Safety:  This Jackson Safety Welding Helmet HLX100 shell is excellent in terms of safety. It protects welder’s eyes and face from welding sparks.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight helmet
  • Dual mode system
  • Adjustable hood
  • Auto darkening feature
  • It won’t stay tight for a long time

Save Phace Auto Darkening Welding Helmet EFP-F-Series

Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series has an ear-to-ear version with 180 degrees rotational and adjustable auto darkening feature. It is made of high-quality nylon material in high heat. Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series consider the lightest welding helmet in the industry. It is allowed to use for various kinds of welding.

You can also adjust the shade just by turning the dial on the helmet. The unique design of the Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series not only provides a great comfort level. It also provides better airflow. Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series also help you to work on a tight surface with its adjustable style and feature.


Auto-darkening: It has an auto darkening system that can automatically adjust the shade of the lens according to the requirement. This protective lens changing system is considered one of the fastest systems in the market.

Lightest Welding Hood: This Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series consider the light weight welding hood in the whole welding industry. The weight of this welding hood is just 1.95 pounds. Also, its compact design help to work in tight and mini areas.

Comfort: It is a 9 adjustable point Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series comfortable welding helmet. Its headgear and adjustable khob allow you to adjust the helmet far and away from your face. The size of this Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series is 15.75 inches.

Safety: It is too safe to use. If any part of this Save Phace auto darkening welding helmet EFP-F-Series break or lose, unfortunately, then don’t worry all its parts are replaceable. It also has a face-forming profile that helps the welder to adjust and tighten it as required and protect your face and eyes from damage.

Pros & Cons

  • LightWeight
  • Comfortable
  • Replaceable parts
  • Not preferable for long welding operations

Passive Welding Helmet MP-10

This welding helmet is from a series of classic lenses. It is made of nylon material and includes 7 magnifying lenses. 5 are outside the cover and 3 are inside. The passive welding helmet MP-10 has lens shade in 8 to 12. A thermoplastic shell is most commonly preferable for commonly welding applications. Also, you can easily upgrade this passive lightest welding helmet MP-10 just by installing Miller’s Digital Elite.


Viewing Screen: It has a good size viewing screen. It provides a large and wide view of a 4” * 5” display.

Headgear: Passive Welding Helmet MP-10 provides a smooth ratchet headgear with top adjustments.

Safety Plates: This passive welding helmet has both outside and inside safety plates with many shades of welding lens. The width of a plate is 4” and the height is 3-2/5”.

Weight: It is considered a lightweight welding helmet thats weighs 1.75 pounds available in black color.

Pros & Cons

  • Ratchet headgear
  • Passive shades
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Quality material
  • Not come with a bag

Jackson Safety Welding Helmet W10 HLX

This W10 HLX Jackson safety welding helmet is durable and designed in such a way to reduce worker’s neck pain. It also has auto-darkening filters and a polycarbonate shade 10 filters. It considers a smart and lightweight welding hood for both professionals and learners. jackson safety welding helmet has a 370-degree speed dial and easy turn gear system. It meets the standards of welders.


Durable: This welding helmet is flexible and has a durable design and features. jackson’s safety welding helmet is lightweight and the welder can easily carry it for the long term. The weight of this welding helmet is just 6 ounces.

Turn Headgear System: It provides a 370-degree strong grip headgear system. It has a lot of graphics and advanced features that make it more compatible.

Adaptable: Its hard hat adaptable has different auto darkening functions with professional variables and also uses true sight-2, safety’s NexGen, and some others.

Components: It also introduces with complete cover plate with shade 10 of polycarbonate filter.

Safety: It meets both economical and professional ways and protects the worker’s skin and eyes from damaging rays and sparks.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheapest in price
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Easy grip with a complete cover plate
  • The size is not adjustable for all

Advantages of Lightweight Welding Helmets?

A welder has to wear a welding helmet all day which may cause neck pain, itching, headache, and pressure. That is why it is recommended to purchase a lightest welding helmet. Make sure to choose a lightweight but higher quality, better vision, and fast transition helmet. Here are some advantages of choosing a lightweight helmet.

  • A lightweight helmet must be cooler.
  • It reduces neck stains.
  • Lightweight helmets are more durable.
  • Lightest welding helmets maintain more balance.
  • It helps you to clear vision and you can see the welding area more clearly.
  • It increases the comfort level.
  • It allows you to work on a tight surface.


  1. Solar panel or battery operated, which lightweight welding helmet is good for us?

Battery-operated welding helmets are preferred to purchase as they provide much more features with a fast speed. The solar panel is not a bad choice as you don’t have to change batteries but in a solar charging system, you cannot do a long task and get fast speed.

  1. Should I use fix or variable shade welding helmet?

If you have to do the same task with the same speed and same potential then you can be fixed the speed. While if you have to deal with different materials with various specifications then go ahead with a variable speed setting. Yeah! It’s all up to you.

  1. Are lightweight helmets have cheap quality?

No, lightest welding helmets don’t have cheap quality. They are designed with a trendy material and high-quality plastic. Some plastics may be cheap but in welding helmets, it is not prefer to place cheap plastic because it can get melted or damaged because of heat sparks and rays. You must have to check the quality while going to purchase.


After reading this article, now you are well aware of the importance and benefits of lightweight welding helmets. You can easily choose one from a wide range of lightweight welding hoods mentioned. These helmets are affordable and available at different prices. So, you can purchase one that best fit to your budget.

In this article, we classify the welding helmets according to their weights, specifications, prices, pros, and cons. Now, welders do not have to worry about neck pain and other issues. Because these welding helmets are lightweight and comfortable. You can easily focus on your welding target with a clear view and focus.

All 6 welding helmets mentioned above are of great quality, so you can wear them for long welding operations. But one that I like the most is 3M Speedglas welding helmet because it has great feature and one of the lightest welding hood in the industry.

5 Best Pancake Welding Helmets | Welding Helmet Reviews

5 Best Pancake Welding Helmets | Welding Helmet Reviews

What is in your mind when you hear the words like pancake welding helmets? Perhaps you think of the breakfast you love or the snacks you enjoy when welding. We’re disappointed to say no since it does not do with food items. A pancake welding helmet can be described as a personal protective device that protects the eyes and face of welding workers. It’s an essential piece of equipment, as are welder’s gloves, aprons, and welding gloves. It safeguards you from hazards that are associated with welding.

Therefore, to aid you with this, we will give you a list of the best pancake welding helmet available here. In addition to their names, you’ll also get information about them that will help you make the right choice. Without additional effort, let’s get into it.

Sarge’s Pancake Black Welding Hood


  • The product is equipped with a tightly-fitting lens.
  • The hood weighs very light, and its build quality is top-notch.

Suppose you’re searching for the best pancake welding helmet that can be used by left-handed and right-handed users and is the best option. Choose one with a pancake welding hood and the right-hand side shield for left-handed people, and reverse.

With a face size in the range of 10.5 inches and a side shield that measures 5.8*8.8 inches, The welding head weighs 12.5 pounds. Because it’s lightweight, it will not feel as if you’re wearing a helmet.

The shield’s dimensions also make sure that your face and the side of your face are protected from injury. The hood also is equipped with an adjustable headband that measures 1.5 inches. It allows you to alter the size of the helmet to get an ideal fit and precision when working.

In addition, the package includes 100cm pieces of sandpaper should you have to alter the size of your balsa container. It also supports the auto-darkening lenses and ensures that the lens is sharp. In addition, it’s made of balsa, a lightweight wood, and the helmet itself is made from phenolic Formica. It will never return to a standard helmet if you test this particular pancake hood. It’s an outstanding combination of high-end durability and ease of use.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be made to be custom
  • OSHA-approved and lightweight
  • Includes straps
  • Sometimes, straps might come off

Wendy’s Pancake Welding (White, Right-Handed)


  • The hood design is sturdy.
  • Its lightweight makes it user-friendly.
  • The level of comfort is excellent because of the weight and the size.

If you’re a pipeliner looking for something that will aid you in your work and help you get your job done, this model will be a perfect choice. Why do we suggest you pick this particular model instead of others? We’ve provided the reason below. Let’s look into it!

It also has a stunning style and a stunning appearance. It is, therefore, sure to meet your aesthetic needs. Additionally, just like the other models of hardliners for pancakes from Wendy’s, this also comes with a smaller eyepiece.

So, it shouldn’t cause any discomfort, mainly when you’re doing your best to maintain your attention. But that’s not all. The lens-keeping area in the eyepiece is excellent also. So, you can put nearly any kind of lens (either conventional or electronic) inside it.

Additionally, just like the models previously mentioned, it too is equipped with an adjustable headband that can be adjusted. With it, you won’t need to worry about your helmet slipping out of the way. There’s also a sandpaper piece inside the package. It can be used to customize the fit of the eyepiece, which makes it one of the best pancake welding helmets.

A pancake welding hood is created using rigid plastic. It will withstand corrosion and sparks well while being significantly lighter than usual. But, the overall dimensions of the product are relatively tiny. Therefore, you may be uncomfortable wearing it if you have a giant head. In addition, its cost is another reason that prompts less budget-conscious to steer clear of wearing it.

Pros & Cons

  • They can accommodate different kinds of lenses.
  • Sandpaper is provided for free to use in altering the Balsa Box
  • It is light, and consequently, it is portable.
  • The product’s size is way too small.

The Original Welding of Pancakes (Right-Handed)


  • It can accept cheater lenses.
  • The helmet is equipped with an elastic headband that can be adjusted.
  • It is also very light in weight.

Are you in search of the best Pancake welding helmet to serve your requirements? We suggest you go with Original Pancake Welding. Specially designed for right-handed welding, this model has a stunning design and has enough sturdiness and flexibility.

Contrary to most other items here, it comes featuring a polymer faceplate that provides decent protection from virtually everything. Additionally, it comes with the ear’s fold-over design, creating a more comfortable experience for the wearer. This isn’t all.

The balsa container is flexible, and therefore it can be modified in the way that the wearer prefers. The manufacturer offers sandpaper that can be used to customize the helmet’s fit to your head. The inside of the helmet is enormous. Therefore, even if you are taller, there will be no problems wearing it.

Additionally, unlike many other brands, this will accept cheater lenses. In this instance, you can use three types of lenses: electronic, standard, and the one we previously mentioned. Furthermore, it has been accepted through OSHA and ANSI. ANSI as well as OSHA. Therefore, you can use it for your official use as well.

Pros & Cons

  • Can accommodate cheater lenses
  • It has an adjustable and flexible headband that is adjustable and flexible.
  • It is light and provides a pleasant wearing experience
  • Unique folded ear design
  • The overall durability of the product could have been more robust.

Sarge’s Pancake Black (Black, Right-Handed)


  • The lens is highly tight-fitting of the lens.
  • The hood is light in weight, and the quality is superb.

Are you one of the top admirers of the black hues? You might be enthralled by Sarge’s Pancake Black right away. It is designed for both left- and right-handed people. We will focus on the former.

At the beginning, similar to the model mentioned previously, the model also has a light construction. But that does not mean that Sarge’s has altered its overall strength. It is very robust and, therefore, can easily withstand corrosion. Furthermore, it’s waterproof. Consequently, you could also use it in wet conditions if you wish to.

Sarge’s Pancake Black comes with a 10.5-inch long face shield that will ensure that every area of your head is entire making it stand out among the best Pancake welding helmets. But, to provide greater convenience, the makers also included two 5.8 8-inch shields on the sides and a side shield. In all, its security measures are of the highest quality.

In contrast to other similar products available, Sarge’s Pancake Black is quite flexible. It can accommodate traditional and electronic lenses. The size and the depth in this segment are huge. We’ve only listed the right-handed model for your convenience in this article. However, if you’re left-handed, there’s another option. There is a different color option well.

There is an adjustable plastic headband with it, too, not to be left out. It was created meticulously. This means that you won’t be in any discomfort when wearing it. But be sure to cleanse it on a daily routine. Otherwise, it might affect your skin.

Pros & Cons

  • It weighs just 12.5 oz.
  • Includes a sandpaper piece for making the eyepiece more personalized
  • The strap is adjustable
  • The strap isn’t sturdy enough.

Wendy’s Pancake Welding (Black, Left-Handed)


  • It can be used with standard lenses and cheaters.
  • The sandpaper included along with the kit can be employed to set the size of the balsa box to your specifications.
  • The headband is adjustable for additional comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Are you in a position to have the funds to buy the best Pancake welding helmet that has a flip lens available? We would suggest that you purchase this model without considering the possibility of a second option. What is the reason for choosing this model?

For one, at first, this model is very robust. It can withstand water, corrosion, and other harmful elements when welding. Additionally, just like previous models, this also comes with a balsa-made, wood-made eyepiece, perfect for any face. It’s pretty light too. It will therefore not cause any discomfort in any way.

It includes an eye shield and a face shield that ensure the vital areas in your body. The lens holder in this model is very flexible since it can accommodate different kinds of lenses with no problem. However, it has just 5/8 inches. This means that you’ll have to choose a smaller size to use it.

Not to be left out, there’s an accessory for the headband that is included inside the package. If you’d like to modify it, you can do so or take it off entirely. As it was designed for convenience reasons, we suggest not replacing the item. Instead, you could take care of it regularly and keep it in good condition.


Pros & Cons

  • Impressive and stunning design
  • Very durable material
  • Sandpaper is offered as an adjustable to your needs.
  • Headbands can be adjusted for greater comfort
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Too expensive

Purpose of Pancake Welding Helmets

You may be wondering what’s so unique about these pancake welding hoods and why you should use them. Are you sure that you do not enjoy pancakes?

There’s a chance that you won’t be a fan of pancakes, but they are essential, especially for those who work on pipelines or work welding outdoors. Let us tell you the secrets behind these unique welding helmets that welding professionals don’t get enough of.

Do you remember the balsa container that we talked about? This is among the secret ingredients, but we’ll come back to it in a minute. Best Pancake welding helmets are incredibly light compared to other ones in the marketplace. They’re perfect for those who have to work for extended periods. You do not want to feel like you’ve got the entire world in your head as working, do you? They generally weigh between pounds and ounces or maybe a little larger. You will not feel as if you’ve got an object over your head. If you’re looking for ease of use, welding helmet pancakes are the best in the head protection sector.

Another great thing with pancake covers is that they can be customized. This is the main feature that the Balsa Box comes with. Most pancake hoods are handmade, making them easy to alter to fit your nose and face. During welding, the pancake portion and the side cover protect your face from sparks.

Buying Guide of Pancake Welding Hoods

It would be best to think about a few aspects when looking at different pancake welding hoods. Because you must know the features of the welding hood before using and choosing it. Here we discuss some factors that you must consider before buying a welding helmet. It will help you to make the right decision.

Hoods for Left or Right Handed

These hoods for the best pancake welding helmets can be found in both right-hand and left-hand models. The hoods have been specifically designed to give the most protection and coverage based on the dominant hand welding operator will use.

If you purchase a hood to fit someone who has an opposite hand to you, you’ll have difficulty seeing the project you are working on, and you won’t be shielded from the arc of the welding torch or the hot welding process.

The Balsa Box

The balsa box is a handcrafted part of the welding helmet pancake. It is designed to fit your welding equipment to give maximum protection. It should fit in with the contours of your face.

The materials that the hood and the balsa box are made of are vital. Balsa is a softwood that is frequently used to make balsa boxes, and this is why the small box came to be given its name. Other types of wood can be utilized, such as pine varieties; however, the more heavy woods can make the hood uncomfortable to wear and may result in headaches, neck strain, and fatigue.


The principal reason for using our pancake-style welding hoods is to protect your entire face and sides from the dangers of welding. It protects hot metals that fly, splatter, and harmful rays created at high temperatures. The balsa box is black-painted inside. This color allows it to suffocate all sunlight, thus safeguarding your eyes.


Alongside protecting the eyes, the balsa box helps to hold the lens inside the welding hood. This lens is crucial in ensuring the accuracy of vision and precision while working. The lens is electronic, which lets you observe objects in dark places. In addition, the balsa container blocks light reflections and provides a clear anti-glare perspective for the user.


The best pancake welding helmets are built of lightweight balsa wood, making them comfortable to wear for lengthy periods. Besides, it is also gentle on your skin, making it easier to shape. The adjustable straps secure the helmet to your head and allow air circulation within the helmet. This will enable you to work with ease under hot temperatures. Taking care of your comfort enhances productivity, resulting in creating the best Pancake Welding Helmet.


While they weigh less, the materials used in the construction of the best pancake welding helmet, like balsa wood and pine wood, are robust. They are guaranteed security and long-lasting service making an investment worth it. Furthermore, the materials can provide flexibility, which permits adjustments to fit your needs. They are also lightweight, which makes them portable.


When it comes to price, the best pancake welding helmets are less expensive when compared to other types of helmets. They are priced differently and are readily available on marketplaces. Additionally, pancake helmets are easy to use and effective welding of all kinds. With all these advantages and at a reasonable price, this hood for welding pancakes is perfect for eyes and face protection.


Why is Balsa Box So Important?

Balsa Box Balsa Box is a type of wooden structure typically made from balsa wood. When adequately placed, it will shield your eyes from sparks produced by welding processes. In addition, it could protect your eyes from the harmful effects caused by sunlight. Because of this, the beginner’s welding helmet is also equipped with this feature to provide optimal protection against all things!

What are the best materials used to build pancake-welded Hoods?

It is made mainly of balsa wood, from which it gets its name. However, the components which require reinforcement are made of pine wood. Balsa wood is ideal due to its lightweight and soft properties. This makes it possible to modify it to find the perfect fit quickly, and they make sure that you don’t get tired quickly.

The best pancake welding helmets are also equipped with an elasticized headband that holds the balsa container in place. The elastic band helps distribute the weight evenly, making it more comfortable for extended periods. Additionally, the phenolic material used to make the exterior shield is held in place with brackets or wooden screws.

What are the benefits of pancake Hoods?

There is a need for weight when welding since it can lead to back pain, back discomfort, and neck discomfort. However, the good news is that you do not have to worry about these problems by wearing the helmets you have because of the light construction materials. In addition, balsa and pine wood are both flexible and can be easily adapted to an individual fitting. They also provide security for the eyes and the face of the user without creating any discomfort. With the balsa container, you can have precise and clear vision in natural light.

Why do pipeliners use pancake hoods?

Pancake hoods feature an open front. The material is light, and the hoods do not weigh more than others welding helmets. They give the wearer the safety they require and provide the wearer with more clarity about what they’re working on. These hoods with flat sides are more for outdoor welding, and most pipeline welding activities are outdoors.


If you’re searching for a right-handed pancake welding hood, look into this Original Pancake Welding Hood Right Hand. This hood comes with a balsa eyepiece made of wood, it can hold standard-sized lenses, and it’s designed for people with the dominant right hand.

If you’re seeking a light pancake welding hood, then the Sarge’s Pancake Black Welding Hood may be the right option. The hood features the front and sides made of Formica. It is made of Formica, is much lighter than other woods, and most materials are used in constructing this protective device.

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