A welder must deal with heat, UV rays, and sparks and work with various kinds of material simultaneously. These things may damage the Welder’s skin and affect the eyes badly. That’s why it is recommended to use welding helmets while doing any welding. It’ll cover your face and eyes without disturbing your focus. Make sure that the welding helmet has a compact design and a satisfactory lens along with some cool features. So, here are the 3 best tekware welding helmet reviews for beginners and professional welders.

Tekware is a multi-national firm that provides the best welding helmet all across the world. If you are the one who wants to purchase an excellent welding helmet but doesn’t know which brand and helmet is best for you. Here are the best tekware welding helmets reviews. So, this article will surely help you to find out the best one of the three. We have also covered the best Lincoln electric welding helmets. Now let’s get started with tekware welding helmet.

Tekware True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This tekware welding helmet has a large viewing area with a comfortable head hoop. It has a four-side adjustment function that gives you a proper adjustment according to your head. Its lens provides you an accurate color ability, optical clarity, and a firm grip on your matter target. Tekware ultra-large viewing screen welding helmet has a balanced headgear. It has a dual-mode powered supply system. You can have a lithium supply and a natural solar source for charging.

The tekware ultra-large viewing screen welding helmet has a lot of extraordinary features that are suitable for all types of welding. It also has four sensors that work for cutting, grinding and welding like things just by one push. You can easily adjust the shade because of its 1/10000 switching time according to your need in this welding helmet.


Following are some quality features of the tekware ultra-large viewing screen welding helmet. In this tekware welding helmet review, we will discuss all the features in detail that will definitely help you to get a clear idea of this tekware welding helmet.


It is designed in such a way that avoids the fog effects on the mirror or lens. When you work in an area with low temperatures, the mirror gets foggy and irritates your work. This tekware welding helmet doesn’t get foggy enough in low temperatures, and you can breathe normally and efficiently.


This tekware welding helmet comes with an excellent auto-darkening feature that adjusts the brightness in just microseconds. It will also be helpful when you’re working somewhere, and electricity turns out. So, you don’t have to stop your work and don’t get the effect of any IR and UV radiation.

Hemispherical Enclosure 

All the sides’ vision and multiple angles are convenient for welders. It can also protect from damage from all the sides with better clarity, accurate color, and safe welding. That is an outstanding feature of this tekware welding helmet review.

Enough Power Supply

Its solar area supplies enough power to the welding helmet. It emits a signal to darken the lens immediately when there comes welding arc, so good for the safety of the welder. It can also be chargeable by lithium batteries and the sun as a solar source but keep remember that the natural solar source is not suitable for the long term.

Pros & Cons

  • Large viewing area
  • Anti-fogging technology along with four sensors
  • Optical clarity with a variety of shades
  • Sometimes auto-darkening feature not work instantly

Tekware Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This auto-darkening welding helmet comes with excellent optical clarity and a superior comfort level. It has an adjusted fatigue headgear that provides good support while working. The tekware auto-darkening helmet has four arc sensor that protects you while working. This tekware welding helmet also has an external adjustment button, four premium sensors, and a double crystal panel. It also provides accurate color with 9 to 13 variable shade functionality for different types of welding.

The tekware auto-darkening welding helmet has an auto-switching function with 1/10000 sec with the dual power source. It can be chargeable with both solar and battery and provide skin and eyes IR and UV protection. The shade can easily change just by clicking without removing it from the head.


In this tekware welding helmet review, we will discuss some excellent features of this tekware auto-darkening welding helmet.

Premium Outlook

This tekware welding helmet has the most incredible and shining appearance that provides you great confidence to stand in the Welder’s community. It also has a crystal panel and fully designed headgear that can be balanced accordingly.

Multi Usage

It has four premium sensors that are perfect for different types of welding and materials. This tekware welding helmet review tells us about its versatility. It is also applicable for metal production, construction, fabrication, maintenance and repair operations, and automotive and industrial use.

Sensitivity Control

The think lens provides an excellent sensitivity control along with its various shades. It also provides delay controls that reduce fatigue. With these sensitivity controls, you don’t have to worry about eye damage.

Dual Charge

It can be chargeable with both battery and a natural source. You can use solar power or any replaceable battery like lithium to charge your tekware welding helmet.

External Control Board

Its auto-darkening shifts in just a few microseconds which is a good point for welders. Also, it has an external adjusted control board that provides a good adjustment style without getting it off.

Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable headgear.
  • Multi-occasion usage availability.
  • 4C lens technology along with four sensors.
  • Suitable for professionals and investors.
  • It is only suitable for TIG, MIG, and flux wire welding.
  • Work best until the headgear is stripped out.

Tekware Large View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This tekware welding helmet introduces to the industry with its shining material and diamond-cut style layout and a large viewing area. Its stylish appearances attract customers’ attention. It also has an external adjustment board that allows you to maintain all the features anytime without removing them.

This tekware welding helmet review tells us about its long lifetime. Yeah! The battery is powered by a natural solar source and provides a longer lifetime compared to the other tekware welding helmets. Moreover, this is equipped with a double liquid crystal layer that is super prior while working on such high heat. It also has four sensors like most tekware products and provides excellent welding and grinding for almost every matter.


In this tekware welding helmet review, we will discuss some features of tekware large view solar-powered auto-darkening welding helmet.

Fully Protection

It provides a complete head-to-neck protection with its cut diamond layout. This way, you can work freely without getting burned or hurt. Its high-quality magnifying lens protects your eyes while working as well as provides you with a significant focus at the same time.

Wide Shade Range

It offers you a long shade range like no helmet else does. The variable shade range provides by this tekware welding helmet is 4 to 13. This one is good for those who have to work on multiple matters and don’t know which matter they have to deal with next.


It has multi modes options, including weld, grind, and cut. You have to adjust it from the setting switch or adjustment portion. The cut mode has a shade of 5 to 9, while the weld mode needs a shade of 9 to 13. Otherwise, you can use the grind mode as needed.  It also has an auto-darkening feature that transforms from brightening to darkening in just a few microseconds. This welding is suitable for professionals who have to work around 8 hours a day.

Pros & Cons

  • Double LCD screen.
  • Cut stylish diamond layout.
  • It increased battery life.
  • Actual color with a wide range of variable shades.
  • It is heavier than others.
  • Shield quality is not up to the mark.

Final Words About Tekware Welding Helmet Review

Purchasing a welding helmet might be difficult for newbies. If you are thinking of purchasing one quality welding helmet, I will recommend you to buy one of the tekware welding helmets. Tekware is one of the best firms for welding helmets. Their helmets have multiple welding tools at affordable prices and cool features. This will surely make your welding easier. Moreover, if you do not have enough time to review tekware welding helmet or don’t get understand which product or welding helmet is best for you then all your problems are sorted.

In this article, you have checked the three best teaware welding helmet reviews with their features, qualities, and cons. We have also discussed all the working recommendations and terms on which the welding helmet fits. You can choose any of them according to your need, as all are of good quality. But I personally like tekware auto-darkening welding helmet that is 2nd on this list.

Always choose a welding helmet with excellent features along with a warranty and long-term useability. It depends on your choice which one you select but these three tekware welding helmets are excellent for different welding operations. I hope now you are confident that which one is good for your working type. So, for what you are waiting for. Purchase a one for yourself or your dear once and make your welding simpler, more accessible, and smooth.



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