The helmet is an effective source of protection in manual work like electronic machinery work. It is the most important component in a welder’s life. When choosing a welding helmet, there are several factors that one should consider. The true purpose of a helmet is to protect the eye and skin from the hazards of the welding process.

Lincoln Electric helmets are the best portable, single-operator welding machines. These are great productions of Lincoln Electric which was started in 1911. Lincoln welding helmets are the best hoods that are designed according to the comfort and security of the person. The job of electric welding is impossible without wearing a safety helmet. Welding hoods provide the best protection while having the latest technology in them. Lincoln electric welding helmets are nice-featured, high-quality lightweight hoods that a welder may carry easily the whole day.

Features of Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric is well known as a leader in the manufacture, and design in perspective of solutions, cutting systems, and robotic welding. It introduced a modern technology of brazing and above all soldering alloys. It also takes care of the user’s comfort while carrying it. The headgear divides weight evenly so that you may carry it easily all day.

Most of the Lincoln electric welding hoods are auto-darkening and have great features of 4C lens technology that make them prominent among other helmets. The correct shade lens made it protective for the eye. The well-constructed quality lenses have a screen that filters ultraviolet harmful rays and offers a protective welding system.

4c Lens Technology

While having modern technology designed by great welding experts, Lincoln Electric’s great liquid crystal display (LCD) improves the color spectrum of the display. The 4c lens technology enhances the wide range of hues and colors that can be experienced in both light and dark. That cannot be possible with traditional auto-darkening filters. The LCD technology protects the eyes from eye strain. It also enables you not only to see clearly but also to see more. The specific large range of viewing areas provides you with a wide vision.

1/1 1/1 Optical Clarity

Optical clarity is most important in the field of welding. Lincoln Electric Welding Helmets provide the best optical clarity. The quality of the auto-darkening lens is divided into 1 to 3 in each class. The 1/1 1/1 grade makes a great performance for your research program.

External Shade and Grind Control

The shell feature of the left side has a small easy-to-use control dial that controls the operator to adjust between shades 9 – 13 or transition to the mode of grind without the effort of removing the helmet. This facilitates you to adjust hues and shades based on different welding applications and processes. The reaction time on the filter is also very fast. The sensitivity of DC TIG gets down to 3 amps. With the help of just two arc sensors, you could easily flash yourself at once by blocking both of them.

Adjustable Pivot Headgear

This great feature of the helmet eliminates pressure points with the padded front headband and two top head straps by distributing weight. It has a pivot-style connection to the rear cradle that fits inside the back of the skull. The additional quality is the adjustable headband allows the operator to set the desired tightness and fitting. Pancake welding helmets are also the best choice for adjustable headgear at a reasonable price. It also provides the flexibility of moving all around during the working process. Lincoln Welding Helmets offers professional welding gear easily available at any cost.

Easy-to-use Interface

It has a great feature of delay control to tailor a performance to your environment and for your application. Has also a great quality low battery indicator that improves safety and a convenient replaceable coin battery.

Light Weight

With the best feature of lightweight Lincoln Electric, Welding Helmets Provide you with an easy and comfortable way of welding. You may wear it all day without getting fatigued. Though it is lightweight it provides secure protection against ultraviolet rays.

Best Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet

There is a great variety of electric helmets. Every helmet has a specific feature and quality that makes it prominent from others. You may choose your best according to your desire. We are going to discuss the 5 best Lincoln Electric Welding Helmet listed below.

Lincoln Viking 1840 – Best Value

The Lincoln Viking 1840 provides a great quality 4C color technology. It has the specific feature of a 1/1 1/1 optical rating and the external grind mode facilitates you with the ability to adjust down to shade level 3.5. While the digital controls are made inside the helmet with the facility of adjustment between shades levels 9 – 13.

Lincoln Viking 1840 is the protection provided with the latest technology of 4c lens and auto-darkening. The best quality headgear distributes weight evenly so that you can easily wear it all day. The external quality of hues and shade control changes make it prominent. It has various graphics shell choices. Lincoln Viking 1840 is lightweight and easy to use and has a 3–year warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful protection source
  • Convenient headgear
  • 4C color lens natural
  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight
  • Just two arc sensors

Lincoln K3419-1 Welding Helmet

With the great quality of lightweight and 6.6 square inches of viewing area, pretty big for its range price, Lincoln K3419 – 1 is the best. It has the great feature of adjustable shade level between 7 to 13 and the dial also has the shade level of 3 grind mode. You may be happy with the comfort level but some people can feel the headgear is cheap. On this helmet, reaction time is adjustable.

The sensitivity is suitable for air carbon arc cutting and plasma. It is appropriate for welding down to 5 amps. Has a facility of solar power, easy-to-find AAA batteries, that is a low battery warning light and a fast 1/25,000th second reaction time. Lincoln K 3419 – 1 has a two-year warranty. It is a lightweight helmet that you may wear the whole day easily. The best source of protection for eyes and skin.

Pros & Cons

  • Great 6.6 square–inch viewport
  • AAA batteries are easily available
  • Grind mode and External dial
  • Very lightweight helmet
  • Comfortable headgear
  • On the external nob reports of impact
  • Just two arc sensors

Lincoln Eliminator K3320-2 Welding Helmet

It offers the facility of comfortable headgear with the quality of a sweatband. The specification of ADF has a quick and fast reaction time of 1/25,000th of a second and also has the quality of auto-darkening shade Level that has the quality of the adjustment from 7 to 13. The viewport is 6.6 inches square. You will be very comfortable with the great quality of the eliminators’ lightweight.

Only a few problems are noticed related to the adjustment and fitness of the headgear. The Eliminator has the quality of full ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 safety standards compliance. It also has a test button for the ADF filter. While wearing gloves it is very easy to use with the quality of external shade level adjustment. The feature of solar power also makes it prominent. It has also a great quality AAAE battery and low weight that you can wear all day easily.

Pros & Cons

  • The AAA batteries are very easily available
  • The availability of 2 extra outside and inside lens covers
  • A great feature of optical clarity
  • Dial control is very easy to reach
  • High-quality big viewport
  • Headgear would not stay tight
  • Just two arc sensors

Lincoln K2933-1 Welding Helmet

It is a high-quality auto-darkening helmet that is available at a great price. The Lincoln K2933-1 because of its lightweight, very easy to wear all day and its weight is just 17 ounces. The viewport area of 6.6 square inches is bigger than that of it. The helmet also has a quick and steady reaction of 1/25,000th – seconds, which is considered faster than that of any costly helmet. You may test the battery charge through a test button available on it.

It has a great quality solar system like other Lincoln helmets. It has also only one drawback like other helmets that it has only 2 arc sensors. So due to this drawback, you should be careful not to block them at the same time. You will find it comfortable while having the quality of a sweatband. Its great compatibility is its hard shell. Most of the welders mentioned that the graphics stand up well to the hard welding environment. To get started the helmet includes two extra lens covers. It’s so reliable that it has a two-year warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • The great ability to switch speed 1/25,000th second
  • The efficiency of dial-type infinite adjustment
  • Very easy as lightweight 17 ounces
  • Easy and comfortable fit
  • Two extra outside and inside lens covers
  • Only comes with two arc sensors
  • There is no grind mode

Lincoln Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

The Lincoln Viking 3350 helmet holds a unique industry standard. The great quality of the huge 12.5 inches viewing area points towards the wide range of areas you can see. The 4C natural color advanced technology offers a wide and clear view of your work. It has the best optical clarity rating of 1/1 1/1 that you may buy without any hesitation. Inside the helmet, steady control offers adjustable shade levels from 5 to 13 without any extra effort. TIG is highly best, down to below two amps. You will enjoy the natural comfort with its easy headgear.

Lincoln calls it X6 and it divides weight around the head at almost various levels that you can easily put on. The great quality of this helmet is that it has pads on the front and rear to make it more comfortable and convenient. You may carry on all day while working. Though in some cases users complain that sometimes light gets inside and feels uneasy, they call it some kind of slackness of coverage. But it has a more powerful positive side, there is the existence of an external grind button having an internal green light button to remind you to switch back to welding mode.

Pros & Cons

  • Lincoln Viking 3350 has very comfortable headgear
  • It offers a huge range of12.5 square inch viewport
  • Effective low–profile external grind button
  • Great quality lightweight
  • It provides the best optical quality
  • From behind light may get inside
  • Not all welders please with its coverage


To sum up the discussion we may say that Lincoln Electric Welding Helmets fulfil all the functional needs that are necessary to provide a protective and secure way in the welding process. It has all the latest technological features that make welding work easier and more comfortable. With the help of 4C technology, you may experience a wide range of colors and hues that make your work more comprehensive and easier. It also protects you from the harmful ultra rays getting inside the helmets. Here is the list of the best welding helmets for professionals.

The optical clarity rating improves your work view. The Head shield is also made in such a way that you may fit the helmet according to your desired fitting easily. You may turn your head all around without any effort. With the great qualities of battery and solar-powered systems, the best Lincoln Electric Welding Helmets proved to be a brand among other helmets available in the market. The helmets are manufactured as lightweight so that you can use them all day and do your job in light mode. Best Lincoln Electric Helmets are easily available at an affordable cost

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