A welding helmet is a safety gear that is worn by the welders for their safety. It is used to protect the eye, neck, and face from welding sparks, flash, ultraviolet lights, infrared lights, and heat. If you are worried about how do welding helmets work then this article is for you. Here we will also discuss the working of an auto-darkening welding helmet.

The working mechanism helps you to choose a good welding helmet. Therefore, for a welder, it is essential to know and understand the working of passive, auto-darkening and solar-powered welding helmets.

Factors that Effect on Working of a Welding Helmet

Here we discuss some of the factors that help you to know how do welding helmets work. These are vital for understanding the working mechanism of normal welding helmets, auto-dimming welding helmets and solar-powered welding helmets.

Effect of Batteries on Welding Helmet Working

There are many kinds of welding helmets like auto-dimming and solar-powered welding helmets. Most of them come with batteries. The batteries that come with solar-powered welding helmets are rechargeable. The rechargeable batteries will help to work in absence of sunlight.

Two types of batteries work are there in welding helmets. One type is AAA and the other one is a Lithium battery.  AAA batteries are available easily, have a long life span, and can be replaced easily. The AAA batteries are more expensive than Lithium but they are price worthy.

Effect Of Weight on Welding Helmets

Every welder like to use a lightweight welding helmet. These lightweight welding helmets help you to work smoothly and easily. The heavy welding helmet makes you uncomfortable and you can’t weld for a long time by wearing hefty welding helmets.

Mask Protector Effect on Welding Helmet 

The mask protector is one of the important factors that helps you to understand how do welding helmets work. Before buying any welding helmet, check out whether the mask is fully protected or not. Some helmets come with only a center and vertically auto-dimming facility. It will stop the Ultraviolet lights, infrared lights, and heat from the center only. And your eyes will still be exposed to such dangerous rays while wearing the auto-darkening welding helmet. So, buy that one that comes with a full or nearly full Mask protector.

Fast and Adjustable Darkening Ability 

The fast adjustable darkening and lightening ability is one of the vital features of a welding helmet. The more fast the adjustment, the more your eyes and face are protected. Be aware of some welding helmets which come with defects in their lens. If there is a defect in some of its parts then the UV, IR lights, and heat will pass through that part and can cause serious problems.

How Do Solar Powered Welding Helmets Work?

Most solar-powered welding helmets are auto-dimming and lightweight. Such kinds of helmets have batteries that are recharged from solar energy. It has an auto-darkening filter that is good for the protection of the eyes and face. The solar power welding helmets have photovoltaic cells on their top. So, the batteries are recharged when it’s open to sunlight. A welder should understand the charging mechanism of welding helmets which helps you to know how do welding helmets work.

You may be worrying that does it works if there is no light or you are working in a dark room? There is no need to worry because the light is only for recharging the battery. If there is no light the solar power welding helmet will take energy from the battery and will work smoothly. Most of these welding helmets use AAA batteries. Lithium batteries are not liked by most users. The AAA batteries are quite expensive instead of lithium but are available easily.

How Do Welding Helmets Work

There are two types of welding helmets on the market. One is passive and one is auto-dimming. The lens of the passive welding helmet is coated which is responsible to protect the welder’s eyes and face from the Infrared light and Ultraviolet light. When you are going to start welding, you need to wear it. Once you finish for a while you have to up the glass for clear vision.

The Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is another type that works automatically. You do not need to put it on and off while working. It darkens and lights up automatically on its own whenever you start and stop welding. The auto-dimming welding helmets come with different components.

  • Polarizing Filter
  • Ultraviolet Filter
  • Infrared Filter
  • LC Cells

There are sensors fixed in it. When you start welding, it senses the welding arc and the lens becomes dark. Due to its darkening the Ultraviolet lights, infrared lights, and heat are blocked and the eyes and face are protected.

When you finish welding and stop it, the sensor detects it and the lens becomes light up and clear again. The auto-darkening shade switching speed is so fast. It varies from 1/10,000 to 1/25,000.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the average duration of welding helmet battery?

If the batteries of auto-darkening welding helmets are irreplaceable then it takes 5 to 7 years. While replaceable batteries have a short life.

Can you go blind with welding?

If you use a good gear protector then you will not face any issues. But if you don’t care about safety and do not consider the quality of the welding helmet, there are chances that radiation and heat will damage your eyes.

How much does a welding helmet cost?

The prices are up to the quality of welding helmets. The price ranges from 30$ for a passive one to 300$ plus for a good quality auto-darkening welding helmet.


From the above discussion about how do welding helmets work, you are well aware of the importance of quality welding helmets. So one should not hesitate to invest some money to buy a good welding helmet. Buying a quality welding helmet is imperative for your safety and work quality.

Welding helmet has a lot of importance in your life so, it is essential to know the working of an auto-dimming and solar-powered welding helmet. It is recommended to test the welding helmet because it will give you a clear idea about the working and performance of the welding helmet.

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