About a half-million people from the USA are providing their services as welders. So, from these statistics, you can understand how big this profession is.  There are also many females in this profession and they have special women welding helmets. Personal safety is very important in this job. In case of negligence, it leads to risk to the welder’s life either by swearing face or eye injury. You can understand the importance of personal safety that there is a huge number of eye injuries in welders while working.

Welders have to work in tight spaces because it is inevitable for them to work in such situations. They encounter such conditions during the construction of buildings and ships. While working in tight spaces, many options lead to removing the helmet e.g. discomfort, neck pain, and low light issues. So, to overcome this issue, manufacturers have produced different kinds of welding helmets for tight spaces.

Fibre-metal sugar scoop welding hoods are also the best choice while working in such an environment. These helmets/ hoods provide a sense of safety to the welder. Along with safety, it creates ease and comfort for the welder. You can also use leather welding hoods while working in confined spaces.

Here we discuss the 5 best welding helmets for tight spaces. Use these welding hoods in such a working environment because these are special features for tight spaces.

Jackson Safety Fixed Shade W10 HSL 100 Welding Helmet 

Jackson designed this narrow shell welding helmet for tight spaces with a durable face mask. This tight space welding helmet is made with thermoplastic material. It is designed in such a way that men and women can equally use it while working in tight spaces. It is hard hat adapt, so it enhances the head safety of the worker.

This is a passive welding helmet. Its standard shade is 10. The filter plate and safety plate are factory-installed. This welding helmet is suitable for different types of welding operations like MIG (Metal Inert gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), and ARC welding. It is adaptable for a hard hat.


  • Passive helmet with fixed shade 10
  • This can be upgraded in auto-darkening by using Jackson Safety Insight, Tru Sight II, and Nexgen filter.
  • It meets the ANSI Z87.1 standards.
  • Weight of helmet 2.00 lb.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable design
  • Hard hat adaptable
  • Tight space welding helmet
  • An extended welding mask increases throat protection
  • Provide a large field view.
  • Light in weight
  • The lens is very much dark
  • Suitable for experienced welders

Jackson Safety 46129 Welding Helmet – Digital Variable Auto Darkening Filter

This Jackson safety welding helmet for tight spaces is another product for narrow spaces. Along with the compatibility to work in tight spaces where many welding helmets fail, this helmet is equipped with Auto-darkening mode. The large viewing area with a size of 3.94”2.36” will enable you to work with great views and ease.
This welding helmet has excellent optical clarity and true color. Because this welding helmet meets the industry-leading 1/1/1/1 optical clarity and true color. This tremendous optical clarity and true color will enable you to work with ease. You will fall in love with this helmet as this helmet is a lightweight helmet which is 2.00 lb. It is equipped with four sensors working with four lithium batteries to avoid any kind of hindrance while working and these sensors are installed at different spots.


  • Shade ranges from 9-13
  • View area 3.94”*2.36”
  • Weight 2.00 lb
  • 4 sensors for sensing the type of light
  • Four lithium batteries
  • Suitable for grinding and welding

Pros & Cons

  • Auto-darkening welding helmet for tight spaces
  • Large viewing area
  • Industry-leading 1/1/1/1 optical clarity and true color
  • Lightweight
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Problem in headgear
  • Keep switching between grinding and welding mode

Antra AH7-860-0000 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Here is another welding helmet for tight spaces with many features that do your work easily and provide you with a sense of protection. It contains a passive filter that ensures your safety from Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation. This fixed shade filter is combined with a double-layered auto-dimming LCD shutter. It provides a shade range from 9-13. Along with face protection, it gives you neck protection as well. The viewing area for this tight space welding helmet is large. This feature will enable you to better control. It is a lightweight welding helmet with an intelligent design. Avoid neck stress and make it easy to work in tight spaces.

4 sensors are in this welding helmet that detect the type of incoming radiation and activate the desired shade to ensure the face protection of the welder. This welding helmet works well in sunlight and other workshop lights. It is very responsive to arc welding but does not respond to sunlight and workshop lights. This welding helmet works for various types of operations like welding, cutting, and different kinds of welding. Because of its great features, it is listed as the best welding helmet. Many users love this welding helmet and always choose it for welding.


  • Auto-darkening welding helmet
  • View area 3.86” X 1.73”
  • Weight is 1.00 lb
  • 2 lithium batteries
  • UV/IR protection filter

Pros & Cons

  • Handle welding, cutting, and grinding operation
  • Light in weight
  • Battery-powered
  • Large viewing area
  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Not replaceable batteries
  • long response period
  • Only suitable for slender face

Sellstrom Welding Helmet, Shade 10

Sellstorm designed this welding hood for tight spaces. It is a passive welding hood, which means no auto-darkening mode in this helmet. It has a fixed shade number which is shade number 10.
It is made of leather which is a heat insulator and provides ease to the respiratory system. This ease and comfort lead to you working for extended hours. This product meets the standard of ANSI Z87.1 with high impact. This Means eye safety is ensured while using this welding hood while working especially in tight spaces.


  • Passive welding hood with shade 10
  • Leather product
  • High impact in ANSI Z87.1
  • Weight of hood 1.20 pounds 
  • View area is 4.25 in x 2.00 in

Pros & Cons

  • Best welding hoods for tight spaces
  • Easy Loading of Cover and Filter Plates
  • Ease in respiration
  • Can be used as Ratchet headgear
  • Suitable for long working hours
  • Price is high

Cowhide Leather Welder Hood Welding Helmet 

If you feel uncomfortable with the welding helmet and feel pressure on your head and also want to save money. Then this Cowhide Leather welder hood is one of the solutions to your problem. This welding hood is suitable for tight spaces and other awkward places. Its outer layer is made of cowhide which is flexible and insulates heat. These features facilitate the respiratory system and provide a sense of comfort, which is necessary for you while working. This ease and comfort lead to use it for long working hours.
One great thing present in this welding hood is that it can adjust according to your head size. This adjustment is made easy with the installation of velcro behind the mask. A highly sensitive probe is also there for quick dimming and this fast dimming protects the welder’s eyes.


  • Weight of welding hood 0.9lb
  • Made with cowhide leather
  • The suitable working range is -15oto 65o
  • Powered with solar or 60 mAH lithium battery
  • Auto Darkening Shift Time is 1/25000s

Pros & Cons

  • A highly sensitive probe that enables dimming
  • Use for long working hours
  • Suitable for awkward spaces
  • Adjustable according to head size
  • Doubles the protection
  • Used only for tight spaces
  • Disturbance with the respiratory system
  • Not good finish


After reading the reviews of different welding helmets for tight spaces, you come to know that there are two types of helmets according to their working. The passive welding hood looks cheap and has fewer features. Therefore only experienced welders use such kind of welding helmet while working. Auto-darkening welding helmets are the best option for beginners.

On the other hand, if we look at features, Jackson Safety HLX 100 Welding Helmet with Insight Variable ADF is one of the best welding helmets. It is equipped with mind-blowing features at a reasonable price. The Cowhide Leather Welder Hood Welding Helmet is the cheapest and equipped with great features.


What is a confined space for welding?

Any space is called confined when having limited or restricted means for entry and exit for a welder. Confined space is such that there is not enough space for a welder to easily move and do his work.

Why use a particular type of welding helmet for tight spaces?

Traditional welding helmets can’t work appropriately in tight spaces. It causes discomfort, neck stress and respiratory issues to the welder. To avoid these problems, you must use specially designed pancake welding helmets that are best for tight spaces.

Either an active or passive welding helmet is better for tight spaces?

Although auto-darkening welding helmets have more features than a simple helmet, which one is best, also depends on the welder’s experience. A passive welding helmet can work best for experienced welders and an auto-darkening welding helmet is suitable for beginners to avoid any mishaps.

Why choose a tight space welding hood?

It is not possible to choose a standard welding helmet in a tight space, so you must use a tight-space welding helmet. Such types of helmets are small in size and lightweight, so a welder can use them for hours. Also, check the minion welding helmets.

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