Is Welding a Good Career in 2022? Complete Career Guide

Is Welding a Good Career in 2022? Complete Career Guide

Choosing the right profession for yourself might be difficult. There are thousands of opportunities standing in front, then why do most of you go toward Welding? Welding is a good career that doesn’t get you bored easily, and you can do work without getting bored. The other reason for picking to weld as a carrier is that it is worthy. But there comes a question in many people’s minds is welding a good career in 2022? Here we explain whether it is worthy or not for you.

If you are interested in Welding and have the strength to spend hours in the heat with fire, then you are on the right path. This article is for welding lovers who want to know the good and bad sides of the welding profession. Let’s scroll down and start reading this complete article.

Is There Any Scope for Welders?

A welder is a person who is responsible for dealing with metal components with heat and spark. A welder has to fix, repair, cut and smoothen the metallic components by using heavy heat-releasing machines that help to give it a proper shape. Here, the question that pops up in people’s minds, whether welding is a good job, the worth of welding career and whether welding is a good career in 2022.

Obviously yes! Welding is a professional career to choose where you need to get qualifications, experience and training to stand on the desired post. Moreover, welders complete their post-secondary training program and training to get a high rank in the industry. 

 After doing analysis and statistical calculations, we came to know that the rate of welding employment has increased by 5% between 10 years with an average welder salary of $42,490. There is a high chance of an increase in the coming years but only for trained welders. Shortly, we conclude that welding is a good career and there is a huge scope in this profession but only for educated, well knowledged and trained persons.

Is Welding a Good Career in 2022?

All professions have their high and low faces. It depends on your skills and capability and how well you do your job. Similarly, if you talk is welding a good career in 2022, then not a single metallic company can run without welders.

Every industrial firm needs good welders to grow its business worldwide. Therefore, the demand for the welding profession is not only in 2022, even increase in the future. The welding work is done almost the same everywhere. Then, if you’re a good welder, you can also get a chance to work abroad with international companies.

No company wants to lose you if you’re a skillful and hardworking welder. They will surely pay you a peaceful amount as a salary to work well for their firm. Instead, if you’re on long vacations or thinking of starting your business, you can design your products and sell them to get a good amount of money and fame.

If you want to think that you can get bored of welding or there will be no scope of welders after 2022, then you are thinking wrong. A welder is not hired only to weld metal pieces. In this digital era of 2022 and so on, a welder can be an inspection, inspiration, teacher for newbies, an engineer or a professional seller for a company and also get a job in a robotic firm. So, we can proudly say that welding is a good carrier in 2022 and its demand increases day by day.

Benefits of Choosing Welding as a Career

Every field provides its positive impacts, the same as Welding does. Here, we will guide you about the few benefits that will attract you to the welding industry.

Talent Representing Work

Welding is not a job where you get stuck for only one day. Instead, you have to deal with various tasks every day. Every task is challenging; you must show creativity in fixing all metallic components. In the welder’s job, your body and mind work, so you would not get tired or bored easily.

Several Industries Need Welders

Welders can work in several industries depending on their skills. They can do different jobs like working on bridges, pressure vessels, industrial buildings, heat exchange and so on. Moreover, you can get thousands of opportunities to lead up and start your own business.

Job Growth

Welding is a profession that it is not getting worthless even after ages. Every industry needs welders, and they even pay the demanding salary to the skillful and experienced employees. Moreover, research proves that you’ll see thousands of welding job opportunities in the coming era.

Easy to Make Your Startup

Starting your own welding business is easier than getting into another business. With your part-time welding job, you can give time to your business. Design and make your products and present them in the industry. Welding business is not quite expensive and easily starts only by skills.

Who Not to Get in the Welding Business?

We see thousands of job opportunities, but we cannot do everything. Some reasons may be skills, phobia or lack of knowledge. Here we also discuss some other reasons why people don’t like to start this profession so, it’s an opportunity for you.

  •         Welding is considered a dangerous job, where you need to play with fire, electricity, saw and grinders.
  •         While welding you have to work on different metals that black dust will remain on your hand and clothes.
  •         Welding is a job that requires physical effort and practical work for hours.
  •         This job demands patience in work and the ability to learn and discover new things.
  •         Welding workshops are hard and need to focus on every smaller element. 

Is Welding a Good Career for Women?

Welding for women might not sound familiar in some countries, but it seems that women are enrolling in this field rapidly. What do you think is welding a good career for women. People think the welding industry is only for men, which is wrong. Welding is a promising industry for everyone whether it is men or women. You can see that there are specific women’s welding helmets available in the market.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman. If you have satisfying skills and experience, you can get a high rank in the welding industry with a satisfying income. There is no doubt that Welding is a stressful job, but if you are a girl interested in Welding, then go ahead and start learning skills to work. Yes! Welding is a good career for women in 2022. 

The Job of Women Welders?

Women wanted to make their rank in the welding industry, and luckily, many organizations are supporting female welders. The job of a women welder is the same as men, which requires a lot of effort. There is no ease based on gender. Skillful women are allowed to do any welding, whether hard, stressful or heavy. Women welders can be in any welding department to weld multi-materials including aluminum, TIG, stainless steel, brass and others. A professional women welder can be a welding trader, a manufacturer, a team leader, and an industrial building guide for newbies.

Why do Women Choose Welding as a Profession?

There are only two reasons to move in any career. One is interesting, and the other is finance. If we talk about the enrollment of women in the welding industry, it’s mostly because of finance. Everyone needs money to support their needs.

Welding is a good career and considers a high-paying job compared to other professions, especially for welders with proper training, certificate and experience who can work underwater and with the military. The yearly salary of a female newbie welder to professional is $40,000 to $70,000. That’s why women prefer this field.

Is it Tough for Women to do Welding?

Welding is a hard job for everyone. It is because you have to work under pressure and wear a helmet every time while working. Also, Welding is a practical job and requires a lot of experience to make it easy for you. Welding is quite challenging to fix multiple metal components at the same time.

No matter if they are men or women, welders can get a lot of injuries and burns on their bodies. Also, they get a darker skin tone, rash and sometimes face allergies because of working in the heat.

How Many Women are Currently in this Profession?

The vacancies of women welders are increasing rapidly. Women welders’ capability, intelligence, skills and performance will compete with male welders. Most of the statisticians worked on this data and finally concluded that 7.5% of women and 89.9% of men currently work in the welding industry. Moreover, if you think that is welding a good career for women in the future, then go ahead because there is a high prediction that women welders will be equal to men in the coming 5 years.

Which Welding Skill is Hard to Grip for Women?

TIG welding is the hardest welding type for women and even for men to learn. TIG welding is a time-consuming procedure for learners to learn and practice. Female learners should focus on this point if they want to be professional.

Advantages of Choosing a Women Welder

Women in the welding industry opposed many advantages as compared to men. These benefits are not only for the welder lady but also beneficial for the company. Let’s discuss;

Stable Hands

Stability and a strong hand grip are really important in Welding. Persons with trembling hands are not recommended to introduce themselves in Welding. That’s why it is noted that men’s hands shake 1.3 percent more than women’s, and when we talk about tremors, men have to deal with this case 1.6 percent more than women. So, hiring a woman for the company is far better than a tremble-handed man.


Women can take care of themselves better than men. They follow the proper diet plans, safety tips and security according to their work. They always made a security backup while welding as she knew how dangerous it’d be. That’s why men have many problems as compared to women after working. It may include asthma, whizzing and shoulder pain.


Women are more intelligent and can learn and discover new things. They also try to complete training from well-named institutes to promote your reputation. Women welders do work properly and try to discover new things. Women provide great effort and quality work in less time that will surely support your business.  

Lower Gravity

Welding required a proper balance and high-up positions above the ground. In most welding cases, you must hold your balance at a single position for so long. This is required to complete tasks and prevention for injuries.

Women can easily do this work because they can much better maintain their balance for a long. Their finger length, voluntary contraction and surface electromyography help control and maintain balance for a longer period. 

Is Welding has any Future?

We know that not a single firm is designed without a welder. Welders play an important role in the development of society. As some statisticians predict, the demand for welders will surely get high in upcoming years. That is a good point for welders and tells us that Welding is a good career, but at the same time, we listen that welding will involve automation that will surely hit and decrease the jobs of welders. Let’s find is welding a good career and the chances of automation in its future.

Advanced technology and the invention of new technologies day by day turned our minds toward automation. Scientists start working on this concept, but this process takes at least 10 years to start. Moreover, automation in the welding industry is not enough as it doesn’t work on every kind of Welding.

There are different kinds of welding works. If you want to grow your career in welding, you have to learn new techniques like underwater welding. Although underwater welding has more death rate. Also, keep in mind that expert underwater welders make a good amount of money. 

If you are running a small firm and have to deal with such a kind of project in which welding is involved, then industries will prefer welders for any kind of welding operation. So, welding and other industries will never see the end for welders.

Will Robots Replace Welders?

Robotics may be cheaper and produce fast production, but robotics will never beat a professional welder. Human welders can only do welding jobs like architecture welding, tooling, and repairing work. That tells us that human welders are a good career, and robotics will never replace it.

 How to Start a Career in Welding?

To start your welding career, first, you must learn and practice every type of Welding. Many schools, colleges and institutes provide welding training and tell you that Welding is a good career. Different welding institutes charge according to their status. Colony schools charge less as compared to the city ones. Check all the fee packages and pick one in your budget.

 After getting a certificate from any good institute, go ahead for an internship. The internship will surely increase your experience, and you’ll get a good job in this industry with a handsome salary package.

A wide range of companies hire welders, including an automotive, architectural, motor vehicle, mining, and building. You can apply to any of these firms and show your effort as a professional employee.

What Safety Tips a Welder Should Follow?

Safety is over on every task. The life of welders is at risk when they are working. Welder has to spend hours with heat and electricity that will hurt welders most of the time if they don’t follow safety precautions. Some safety tips that a welder should follow while working are;

  •         The welder should wear a proper working suit along with safety equipment.
  •         A good quality welding helmet for different operations.
  •         The welder must have an on/off switch near him
  • .       The burning ointment must be in the welder’s bag.

Final Words

Welding is a good career and demanding job but is considered a hard one. Welding is a time-consuming journey, but if you are interested in doing it, you’ll surely enjoy your task and become professional in less time. Welding is fun work if you have an interest. It’s like a crafty work where you have to deal with every task differently with creativity. A welder may not get tired easily if they love their job. A welder should be creative and know how to tackle all the situations. Also, teamwork is also beneficial when there is a huge amount of work.

I hope this article has answered many of the questions in your mind. And now you are in a great position to answer is welding a good career in 2022 and what will be the future of welding profession. As in this article, we have discussed whether welding is a good career, its future scope, salary and our think about this profession. Now you will be confident that robotics will come in welding industry, but this will only be for some specific works, so don’t have much effect on welders jobs. 

Which is the Best Shade Lens for MIG Welding | Complete Guide

Which is the Best Shade Lens for MIG Welding | Complete Guide

Safety should be your priority while doing MIG welding. MIG welding is considered a dangerous business. You should always give importance to safety and wear safety helmet with the right shade lens for MIG welding. The purpose of the MIG welding lens is to protect your eyes from welding sparks, ultraviolet rays, spatter, myriads and hazards.

Proper lens for MIG welding is very important to work in a good manner. If you are a professional MIG welder or new in this industry then no need to be a worry. Here, I am going to help you to choose the right shade for MIG welding. Let’s scroll down and read this complete article.

Why To Choose MIG Welding Lens Shades

The main purpose to purchase a MIG welding lens is because of the protection of your eyes. Your eyes are really important and you should care about them.

If you don’t use a proper shade lens for MIG welding then it can also damage your eyes. UV radiations are also very harmful for your eyes face and other open parts of the body. The consistent work without MIG welding lens shades can also lead to skin cancer. That’s why always protect your eyes and skin by wearing a MIG welding lens.

How To Choose a Suitable Shade Lens for MIG Welding?

When you are going to choose the suitable lens shade for yourself or thinking about what shade lens for MIG welding then not forget about the material on which you work. The material factor is vital and can really help you to choose the best welding shade for yourself. After this, you have to pick one between fixed and variable shade lenses.

If you have to work only on a single matter or need to follow only one process then fixed shade is good for you. Otherwise, if you have to deal with various materials or various processes then variable shade is preferable to purchase. You can also get help from our other buying guide about choosing a welding helmet. That will definitely help you to choose a right welding helmet and proper shade for MIG welding

What Shade for MIG Welding?

As the higher amperage welding operator is more powerful than the low amperage. Also, the welding amperage is directly proportional to the shade number. Hence, the amperage is higher, the darker or higher shade you need.

The lens shade for MIG welding is available from 10 to 13. You can choose any of them according to your need. The lens shade is completely dependent on material and amperage.

Most people ask what shade lens for MIG welding is suitable. Usually, all shades in 10 to 13 are used by MIG welders. The lower shade is lighter than the higher numbers. It is more visible than the higher shades.

According to a study, it is recommended for MIG welders to start with darker to see the welding area. After that move toward the lighter shade, as it gives a sufficient view of the welding area.

What is the Suitable Lens for MIG Welding?

There are some MIG welding lens shades described with the material on which you are going to work, that will help you to choose one for yourself.

MIG Aluminum

If you have to weld on MIG aluminum then;

  • Shade 10 lens is suitable for 80 to 100 amps.
  • Shade 11 lens is suitable for 100 to 175 amps.
  • Shade 12 lens is suitable for 175 to 250 amps.
  • Shade 13 lens is suitable for 250 to 350 amps.

MIG Steel 

If you have to weld on MIG aluminum then;

  • Shade 10 lens is suitable for 80 to 100 amps.
  • Shade 11 lens is suitable for 100 to 175 amps.
  • Shade 12 lens is suitable for 175 to 300 amps.
  • Shade 13 lens is suitable for 300 to 500 amps.

MIG Flux Core

If you have to weld on MIG aluminum then;

  • Shade 10 lens is suitable for 125 to 175 amps.
  • Shade 11 lens is suitable for 175 to 225 amps.
  • Shade 12 lens is suitable for 225 to 275 amps.
  • Shade 13 lens is suitable for 275 to 350 amps.

Auto Darkening Lens Helmet

The recent technology introduced auto-darkening lens helmets in the welding industry. It has the feature to be darkened and lightened by itself. It remains darker until deactivation.

When the welders strike an arc, the auto-darkening lens helmet senses the flash that what shade lens for MIG welding and gets darkened instantly according to the pre-adjustable shade. Moreover, it is expensive, heavier, and needs batteries to work. The major disadvantage of this auto-darkening lens helmet is that it’ll useless if the electronics fail.

It is okay to use but not highly recommended as compared to fixed and variable shade.


Shade lenses provide you a comfortable path to continue the work without getting hurt.  If you want to make your welding safe then make sure to purchase a best-fitted lens for yourself. The hurdle is only to find an accurate shade lens for MIG welding.

Purchasing a suitable shade lens for MIG welding is depend on few factors. You need to consider the type of matter with the amperage that you have to deal with. Also, not let someone else to decide lens shade for you because everyone has his own vision sensitivity.

Thousands of brands providing their services to sell MIG welding shade lens. If you are still confused then you can concern with them to find what shade for MIG welding suitable. Further, if you follow the above points described in this article, you’ll surely find a suitable one. Make sure at start not to go with shades less than 11 or 10.


  1. Can I use any other shade of lens?

MIG welding with any other shade except 10 to 13 is insufficient. The lens shades 10, 11, 12, and 13 are specifically designed for MIG welders. Instead, the lighter shades like 5 are suitable for light work.

  1. What is the time limit of the MIG lens?

 The durability of the MIG lens depends on how much you care and use it and how you use it. If you properly maintain it then it can easily use up to 2 or 2.5 years. While if you do negligence in its care then it can hardly go for a year.

  1. Do MIG lens are expensive?

Not really! MIG welding lens shades are not highly expensive. Multiple prices and qualities are available, and you can purchase any of them according to your budget. You can easily purchase a good quality lens around $100.

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